Fuller House Season 3 to Return with More Episodes and More Fun

Fuller House Season 3

Fuller House Season 3 will have more episodes than what the first two seasons of the revival had. The sitcom was renewed for a third season by Netflix shortly after the popular season 2.

More Episodes in Fuller House Season 3

The showrunner and executive producer Jeff Franklin made the announcement about the change in the upcoming Fuller House Season 3 on Instagram.

Happy New Year! Looking forward to season 3 — 18 episodes — Back to work on Monday!

A post shared by Jeff Franklin (@fullerhouseguy) on

Fuller House is the most anticipated original series that debuted on Netflix in 2016. The series follows the continuing adventures of the Tanner family from the Full House.

The Full House revival ran over 13 episodes each for the last 2 seasons. However, it appears that Netflix is highly pleased with the outcome of its sophomore season. It not only renewed the show for a third season but also ordered 5 more episodes than the first and the second season.

The 18-episode Fuller House Season 3 will see more of the Tanner family than any of the previous seasons, the Cinemablend reported.

It also seems that Franklin and the Fuller House team got to work right away immediately after the renewal order for the third season. The season 3 of the revival series was announced late December. The additional episodes might have also shortened the break between the two seasons.

The numbers were not as overwhelming for Season 2 as it was for Season 1. In fact, according to an analysis by measurement company Symphony Advanced Media, the ratings may have dropped by 60 percent for the second season from the first.

Netflix still went ahead for a super-sized Season 3. The renewal and the extra episodes will definitely allow Fuller House fans to enjoy one more season to the least.

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Reasons that Possibly Led to More Fuller House Season 3 Episodes

One of the reasons for ordering more episodes is the ratings. However, another could be the schedules of the stars of the show. It is possible that their schedules are more flexible now than they previously had been.

Candace Cameron Bure left The View and that has allowed the star to give more time to Fuller House. The Cartermatt reported that more episodes mean the show will allow more of stars like Bob Saget or John Stamos. Moreover, Franklin has purchased the house used for the show. This might allow him and the Fuller House team to try out new things with it.

Fuller House Season 3 will premiere on Netflix in 2017.

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Fuller House Season 3 to Return with More Episodes and More Fun

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