Full Casting for Marvel’s Inhumans Revealed

Marvel's Inhumans
Marvel's Inhumans

The cast of Marvel’s Inhumans is complete. Moreover, fans will likely be happy to know Lockjaw is part of it.

The Hollywood Reporter describes the Marvel’s Inhumans cast as impressive. Earlier reports confirmed who would play four characters in the upcoming TV show. Iwan Rheon is Marcus, Anson Mount is Black Bolt, Serinda Swan is Medusa, and Ken Leung is Karnak.

This time around, five more actors have joined the Marvel’s Inhumans cast. Find out who they are and which characters they will take on.

Meet the Rest of the Marvel’s Inhumans Cast

Eme Ikwakor (Concussion) will play the cousin of Black Bolt, Gorgon. Apparently, this Marvel’s Inhumans character is the opposite of Karnak. The horse-legged Gorgon would rather fight than talk about how to solve a problem.

Isabelle Cornish (Australia Day) will play Crystal, Medusa’s sister. Her character is independent and impulsive. She has the power to control the elements. Earlier casting rumors pointed to Eliana Jones taking on this role.

Mike Moh (Empire) will play Triton who is also a cousin of Black Bolt and the older brother of Karnak. His power involves the ability to live under water. Hence, it would confirm earlier reports of his character requiring the use of Special Effects Make-Up, SFXMU for short.

Sonya Balmores (Soul Surfer) will play Auran who is the leader of the Royal Guards on Attilan. She is skilled and straightforward. Moreover, she has fierce loyalty to the King. Auran’s name was not part of the initial list of series regulars rumored for the Marvel’s Inhumans TV show.

Yet it would appear there is another mystery character. Indeed, the role of Ellen Woglom (Californication) has yet to be disclosed.

However, the description of her character reveals she works at a private aerospace company. Moreover, she has a passion for space. Perhaps, she is one of the few humans in the cast.

Lockjaw Joins Cast of Marvel’s Inhumans

The giant teleporting dog will be part of the Marvel’s Inhumans TV show. As it turns out, the character will be Crystal’s canine companion. No doubt, this would satisfy fans who have raised concern about Lockjaw’s presence in the story early on.

The confirmation of Lockjaw along with the physical traits of Gorgon and Triton suggests extensive use of makeup and CGI. Perhaps, IMAX’s role in the production offers a big boost to its budget, Screen Rant surmised. In any case, fans would surely be eager to watch Inhumans owing to the apparent commitment of Marvel to stay true to the comics’ lore.

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Image source: Facebook/Marvel

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Full Casting for Marvel’s Inhumans Revealed

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