Frontier TV Show: Jason Momoa is No Khal Drogo in This New Netflix Series

Frontier TV Show
Jason Momoan in Frontier

Jason Momoa shines anew in the latest Netflix offering, the Frontier TV show. What can fans expect from his new role?

The Frontier TV show premieres this January 20 on Netflix. The new drama series recounts the fur trade in Canada during the 18th century. Momoa takes on the lead role of the fictional character Declan Harp.

His fans would likely compare his new role with his ongoing character in Game of Thrones. However, the actor himself revealed their differences.

Jason Momoa talks about Frontier TV Show Declan Harp

“The funny version: me, wrapped in fur, covered in blood, killing English people, avenging my family’s death. It gets a little bit more complicated than that, but to get us going, I now speak English, still covered in blood, and wrapped in fur,” Momoa said jokingly.

Yet kidding aside, the actor loves the role so much. Moreover, he identifies with Harp on an emotional level, Yahoo! TV writes.

“I just love the idea of him because I’m a father of two and a husband. If someone were to hurt your family what would you do, especially if that person was a would-be father figure to you? He’s going to chase down this man,” Momoa said.

“It’s a revenge tale, but then you get to see Declan’s side and where he’s coming from. I’m drawn to those characters,” the actor details.

Relating to his GoT character, the actor notes “I had a similar thing with Drogo, too. You’ve got to sit with it for a little bit and see where he’s coming from and I enjoy that,” the actor added.

Harp has a Heart of Gold in Frontier TV Show

Screener TV describes Declan Harp’s character as a tough guy. Moreover, he follows a strict moral code. Yet he is unmistakably Canadian as proven by his heart of gold.

Indeed, the Frontier TV show episodes will revolve around his character. Something audiences would possibly enjoy given how attractive Momoa looks in character, regardless of how much grime and dirt covers him. All six episodes of the Frontier TV show are available for streaming via Netflix on January 20.

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Image source: Facebook/FrontierSeries

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Frontier TV Show: Jason Momoa is No Khal Drogo in This New Netflix Series

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