Fresh Off The Boat Recap: Louis Forgets To Thank Jessica

Facebook/ Fresh Off The Boat Recap
Facebook/ Fresh Off The Boat Recap

The latest episode of Fresh Off the Boat was aired on last Tuesday, January 17. It showed how Jessica was hurt by Louis.

After Louis’ win, Jessica decided to invite her friends and family to the award ceremony. For Jessica, this is a win against her long-feuding sister Connie. Despite Louis’ personality of being humble, he then decided to just go with the acceptance speech without too much bragging.

When Louis gave his acceptance speech, he thanked his sons, his mother and the people working at the Cattleman’s Ranch. He also showed gratitude towards his neighbors as well as to the city of Orlando. However,  he forgot to thank Jessica, which hurt her immensely.

Fresh Off The Boat Recap For The Best of Orlando Episode

He got a second chance to make amends for Jessica when he was invited to Good Morning Orlando. While he was about to thank his wife, the show cut the interview due to a breaking news.

Although Louis’ plans did not go well, he waited for dinner time to share his message with Jessica.

“She’s the one who never gets thanked. The unsung hero of all of our successes,” he told his wife, while Jessica had a smile on her face.

Meanwhile, Eddie, Emery, and Grandma have launched their own clothing line. They discovered the struggles of dealing with a small business.

The previous episode was titled  The Best of Orlando,Broadway World said in a report.

Fresh Off The Boat Tackles Asian-American Family

Fresh Off the Boat is based on a book by Eddie Huang. It follows the story of an Asian-American family who migrated to the United States. The plot deals with how the family adjusts to their daily lives as well as with their citizenship, Paste Magazine said in a report.

The family comedy also stars Randall Park as Louis, Constance Wu as Jessica, Hudson Yang as Eddie, Forrest Wheeler as Emery, Ian Chen as Evan, Lucille Soong as Grandma Huang, Chelsey Crisp as Honey and Ray Wise as Marvin. The episode was written by Eric Ziobrowski and was directed by Phil Traill.

Catch Fresh Off the Boat on ABC at 9 p.m. every Tuesday. For more Fresh Off the Boat recap on previous episode, tune in to Gosh TV.

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Image Source: Facebook/ Fresh Off the Boat

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Fresh Off The Boat Recap: Louis Forgets To Thank Jessica

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