The Fosters Season 4A Recap: What Is Good and Bad for Season 4B

The Fosters
The Fosters

The Fosters Season 4 is still on hiatus. However, fans will soon have their patience rewarded. Unfortunately, the fickle reality of TV means that some viewers might have lost interest in the show or cannot remember parts of the plotline. A good binge-watch is the solution.

However, not everyone has time to park in front of the TV and watch previous episodes. It is a shame, though, if fans would forget some key points in the story. Luckily, a good recap can go a long way in jogging memories.

What Happened to The Fosters in Season 4A?

The Fosters Season 4 started with Nick terrorizing Mariana. The young man even went so far as to go to their school with a gun. While Nick was eventually apprehended, his hold on Mariana is still causing problems.

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Of course, The Fosters are more than just Mariana’s problems with her ex-boyfriend. Callie learned the truth about her foster brother, Kyle. Meanwhile, Brandon’s successful Juilliard audition quickly turned to ashes when it was discovered that he committed SAT fraud. In addition, an accident with a nail gun might have far-reaching consequences for Jesus.

Everything came to a head during the show’s midseason finale. As recounted by Screener TV, episode 10 found Mariana in a daze after taking Jesus’ ADHD medication. As it turns out, the first person who found her was Nick.

Fans of the show know that this situation will not end well. Mariana freaked out when she saw Nick. On the other hand, Jesus became enraged when he saw his erstwhile friend near his sister. The ensuing fisticuffs between the two resulted in Jesus receiving another hit on the head, which is the last place he should be hit.

But it is not all horrible news for The Fosters. Stef and Lena are still together and will reportedly become stronger than ever. They will certainly need that strength and fortitude, especially since Callie might be riding in a car with a murderer. The second half of The Fosters Season 4B is slated to return to Freeform on Jan. 31, 2017, Tuesday.

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The Fosters Season 4A Recap: What Is Good and Bad for Season 4B

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