First Look at Badass Villain Played Sigourney Weaver in The Defenders

The Defenders
Marvel's The Defenders

The Defenders finally revealed the villain fans should watch out for on the Netflix mashup TV series.

Entertainment Weekly reports about the new enemy the Marvel’s superhero quartet have to face when the series premieres later this year. Interestingly, the character seems tailor-made for Sigourney Weaver.

Although little is known about her character, Alexandra. In fact, she has no history in the comic books. Nonetheless, it appears she has what it takes to catch the attention and ultimately bring together Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage.

Showrunner Talks about The Defenders Arch Nemesis

As expected, details about Sigourney Weaver’s character are a closely guarded secret. However, the enthusiasm of showrunner Marco Ramirez for the villain and for the actress bode well for The Defenders TV series.

“Sigourney is the kind of person you can buy as the smartest person in the room, who you can also buy as a person holding a flamethrower. Her character is a very powerful force in New York City. She’s everything Sigourney is: sophisticated, intellectual, dangerous. I’m sorry. I can only say a bunch of adjectives right now,” Ramirez told EW.

Moreover, her comparison to the Daredevil big bad Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio) could be another reason to watch her in The Defenders.

The Defenders Cast

The Defenders brings together four of Marvel’s biggest superheroes on television to date. Indeed, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage have been successful individually for the franchise. Iron Fist has yet to premiere in March. Nonetheless, it is already one of the highly anticipated shows on everyone’s list.

As Collider reported, each is on a mission to uncover a mystery in New York. Unknowingly they wind up at the offices of Midland Circle. The arrival of the other catches each of them off guard. Hence, a fight ensues. Eventually, they come together, in the end, to fight together and take on Alexandra.

Prior to reports about The Defenders badass villain. Source teased at the slim chance Moon Knight would have to join the Netflix TV series. Check back with GoshTV for the latest on anything TV.

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Image source: Facebook/Marvel’s The Defenders

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First Look at Badass Villain Played Sigourney Weaver in The Defenders

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