Find Out How the Dragon Ball Super English Dub Performed

Dragon Ball Super

The English version of Dragon Ball Super is already out in the small screens in Adult Swim and Toonami. However, there have been observations about the difference between dubbing the show in Japan and in America.

Because of many cultural differences, there are instances that the network needs to alter some details in the DBZ franchises. One of which is the need to change to color of Mr. Popo from black to bright blue.

To avoid any racial remarks, 4Kids have decided to change his color. But more than that, the English versions got fewer nudities than the original.

That includes cutting scenes like where Bulma raises her skirt to distract Roshi and censoring Goku’s frontal nudities. But more than that, American licensors also toned down some gory and bloody actions.

There were other details which have been censored by the Western media like Mr. Satan’s name and the depiction of death, heaven and hell. But since Dragon Ball Super just recently aired in the North America, viewers might see some noticeable changes.

Dragon Ball Super in front of foreign audiences

On the other hand, Daniel Kurland of Den of Geek wrote that fans might have mixed emotions on Dragon Ball Super English version. Although some might already in-the-know of the Japanese versions, others who will get to watch it fresh might find the show slow-paced and with heavy fillers.

However, fans have been there since its first release more than two decades ago. The ratings of the new show might show a constant satisfaction among the viewers.

Meanwhile, here is the list of voice actors for the Dragon Ball Super English dub; courtesy of IGN:

  • GOKU – Seán Schemmel
  • VEGETA – Christopher R. Sabat
  • BEERUS – Jason Douglas
  • WHIS – Ian Sinclair
  • KRILLIN – Sonny Strait
  • GOHAN – Kyle Hebert
  • BULMA – Monica Rial
  • PICCOLO – Christopher R. Sabat
  • TRUNKS – Alexis Tipton
  • NARRATOR – Doc Morgan
  • GOTEN – Kara Edwards
  • CHI-CHI – Cynthia Cranz
  • A18 – Meredith McCoy
  • MR. SATAN – Chris Rager
  • BUU – Josh Martin
  • KING KAI – Seán Schemmel
  • SHENRON – Christopher R. Sabat
  • VIDEL – Kara Edwards
  • YAMCHA – Christopher R. Sabat
  • TIEN – John Burgmeier
  • SHOU – Chris Cason
  • ROSHI – Mike McFarland
  • PUAR – Brina Palencia
  • PILAF – Chuck Huber
  • OX-KING – Kyle Hebert
  • OOLONG – Brad Jackson
  • MARRON – Tia Ballard
  • KIBITO KAI – Kent Williams
  • ELDER KAI – Kent Williams
  • DENDE – Justin Cook
  • CHIAOTZU – Brina Palencia
  • MAI – Colleen Clinkenbeard

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Find Out How the Dragon Ball Super English Dub Performed

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