Fear the Walking Dead Season 3: All the Details So Far

It will be a few more months before Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 will be back to the small screen. Meanwhile, here are some exciting details to know about FTWD’s next season.

A Woman Antagonist

The Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 finale showed Nick, Luciana and the people of La Colonia escaping from the group who tried to take their community by force and making it to the border of US and Mexico. But contrary to what they are expecting, they were met by a fierce militia group.

According to showrunner Dave Erickson, this militia group is led by a woman, who will have an impact on Nick, Luciana and Strand. “She will become somebody, I think, who can rival any of the powerful characters we’ve had on the show or will have on the show,” he told Comicbook.com.

This new character, who will be head-to-head with Luciana, is said to be acting as a friend and a foe. There is no news yet as to who will play the part, but it looks like Fear the Walking Dead is having its own version of Negan. After all, The Walking Dead spin-off is known for patterning itself from its parent show.

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A Reunion of Estranged Characters

The finale episode of Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 shed hope for a reunion between Nick and Madison, but this fell apart due to some unexpected circumstances. However, Erickson teased that an ultimate reunion will happen in the course of Season 3. Hopefully this would mean that the estranged mother and son will finally be reunited.

A Return of a Character

It can be recalled that Ofelia’s father, Daniel, had been surrounded by flames but was never actually found to be dead. Erickson also teased on the possible return of Daniel later in the story. The other character’s belief that Daniel died from the flames will cause major changes eventually.

A Return in April 2017

Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 will have 16 episodes. While no exact release date has been set for the zombie series yet, it can be expected that the series will air while The Walking Dead is on hiatus. The Walking Dead Season 7 usually concludes in March or April. This means that Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 could have its premiere in April 2017. FTWD airs every Sunday on AMC.

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Photo: Facebook | Fear the Walking Dead

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Fear the Walking Dead Season 3: All the Details So Far

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