Fans Could Purchase Stranger Things Season 2 Stuff and Other Things Soon

Stranger Things season 2
Millie Bobby Brown

Fans who can’t get enough of Netflix’s binge-worthy series could fill their hearts with more happiness. It seems that even before Stranger Things season 2 hits, the streaming service could make merchandise about their shows available.

According to a report from BuzzFeed, Netflix could be looking into creating toys and other merchandise for their original films and series. Although no confirmation exists from the service as of writing, the source cited a potential proof to this venture.

BuzzFeed notes the company’s job posting for a senior manager of Licensing, Merchandising and Promotion. The site clarifies that this is not the first time Netflix is venturing into merchandising. In fact, the service sells items related to stranger Things via Hot Topic.

Nevertheless, the source gathers from the job posting that Netflix is on the move to expand its production of goods based from its content. BuzzFeed’s explanation reads:

“…the hiring of a senior manager of merchandise may indicate it’s looking to expand production and sales of clothes, toys, and other branded goods based on its content. […] A t-shirt is a walking advertisement, after all.”

From the source’s analysis, Netflix does not only want more revenue from merchandise. Instead, the job description of the posting also says that the company is after the promotion of their original titles.

More Hints Revealed for Stranger Things Season 2

To ease fans’ excitement on the new season, the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly features the central Stranger Things season 2 cast. The standout in the magazine’s upcoming cover is Millie Bobby Brown’s new hairdo. In contrast to Eleven’s almost bald hair, the young actress sports a very curly look.

The cover also features Noah Schnapp, Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, and Caleb McLaughlin. Aside from the cover, EW also shared thoughts from the young cast’s interview. Matarazzo himself, who plays logical Dustin in the show, quipped:

“I always joke around with the Duffers, ‘Why couldn’t you make the first season just okay?’ It’s like how they never expected Barb to be a hit — they never expected the show to be as successful.”

True enough, the show became an instant hit. Not only did it gather intense conversations all over the Internet, it also gained a massive following. People started dressing up as the characters for Halloween and more.

It was only a matter of time before a season 2 became official. Now that a continuation of the narrative awaits, fans will know what’s next for their well-loved characters.

Stranger Things season 2 premieres on October 31. It will consist of nine episodes.

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Image Source: Flickr/Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons

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Fans Could Purchase Stranger Things Season 2 Stuff and Other Things Soon

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