Ezria’s Future in Pretty Little Liars Revealed After that Nicole Kiss

Pretty Little Liars
Ezria in Pretty Little Liars

Ezria–Ezra and Aria–fans finally rejoiced when the couple got engaged in Pretty Little Liars season 7A. For the most part, the pair had a wonderful storyline in the season until it was down to the last minute of the PLL 7A finale. How will that reunion and passionate kiss between Ezra and Nicole affect Aria?

It turns out Ian Harding himself has some insight into what might happen next. The actor, who plays Ezra Fitz, talked to TV Guide and offered his theory on how Aria might respond. He told the outlet:

“There must be a [little] bit of anger. Aria and Ezra, apart from the fact they seem to be chased by a homicidal entity, they have a very healthy-ish relationship…[Aria] is empathetic. She does understand the situation he’s in, but yeah, I’d be pretty destroyed if the man I was in love with kissed another woman on international television. I’d be upset.”

While waiting for Ezra to return home, Aria (Lucy Hale) comes across news about the rescue of Nicole (Rebecca Breeds). She witnesses on live television as Ezra is re-united with his other love.

Since that final scene, fans have been wondering what will happen to Ezria now. With Harding’s statement, it would appear that the reunion may cause some hiccups along the road. However, it does not seem that Ezria will break up over it.

After all, the actor points out that Aria and Ezra has a “healthy-ish” relationship.” Hence, even though that emotional kiss would devastate Aria somehow, she’ll understand.

Consequently, the actor says that even though Nicole and Ezra are in different places in their life, they are also two people who really loved each other once. Therefore, the loving reunion could simply be a product of them being apart for so long.

At this point, it’s a total mystery how Ezria will deal with things when the dust has settled. Nevertheless, it would seem everything will be okay in the end if the rumored Ezria wedding is true.

Did the Pretty Little Liars Fandom Reveal A.D.’s Gift?

A new sneak peek dropped for the second half’s episode 11. It features a recurring element of the other promos which shows the girls opening a gift from A.D.

While most of the previous videos did not reveal what the package was, Refinery29 shares that eagle-eyed fans may have uncovered what it is. It turns out a quick pause of the promo shows a miniature model of Rosewood.

What could the gift mean? Refinery29 theorizes that it could launch the girls for another scavenger hunt. Otherwise, it could also be a trap that will lead them to an arrest.

Whatever it is, the beginning of the end for the series is closing in. Pretty Little Liars season 7 episode 11 airs on April 18 at 8 p.m. in Freeform.

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Image Source: Facebook/PrettyLittleLiars

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Ezria’s Future in Pretty Little Liars Revealed After that Nicole Kiss

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