Extreme Universe Movie Franchise Coming Soon, Details Here

Extreme Universe

Extreme Universe is set to become the next movie franchise comic book fans might want to watch out for.

Comic book series creator Robert Liefeld is well known for his work on Deadpool. Indeed, the movie version surpassed expectations at the box office worldwide. Hence, the clamor of fans for its sequel.

Yet are they ready for the chances Deadpool 2 might include a boyfriend for the Merc with a Mouth? The studio has yet to confirm this despite lead star Ryan Reynolds aspirations for it.

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Collaboration to Develop Extreme Universe Film Franchise in the Works

Nonetheless, comic book fans have another movie franchise to watch out for from Robert Liefeld. This time around, he is set to work with Graham King, Mark Gao’s Fundamental Films, and Akiva Goldsman, The Wrap reports. Liefeld issued a statement on the impending Extreme Universe movie franchise.

“Over the past nearly 25 years, since launching Image Comics, I’ve been lucky enough to see the power of these stories and characters as they’ve resonated with several generations of comic book fans,” Liefeld said.

“To now be able to work with Akiva Goldsman and Graham King, who are powerhouses in their own right, to bring these compelling characters and conflicts to life on the big screen is nothing short of a dream come true!” he added. Their teamwork will bring to life Liefeld’s creations. Nine comic book titles fall under this banner. Moreover, it features close to a hundred characters. These include Battlestone, Bloodstrike, Bloodwulf, Brigade, Cybrid, Baboom, Lethal, Nitro-Gen, and Re-Gex.

According to Mike Fleming Jr of Deadline, the writing style for the characters in the Extreme Universe is parallel to Deadpool’s. Thus, it might seem like a promising future for the forthcoming movie franchise considering the Fox film’s success.

Indeed, Akiva Goldsman earned his reputation for his work with Transformers and Hasbro movie universes. Thus, it is possible he would do the same again. The Extreme Universe movie franchise deal is poised to be the first big film rights contract of 2017. Indeed, Fleming posits a seven-figure deal for it.

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Extreme Universe Movie Franchise Coming Soon, Details Here

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