Extras Needed for Black Lightning Cast, How to Join

Black Lightning Cast
Black Lightning

The Black Lightning cast is looking for extras to be part of the latest addition to The CW superhero lineup.

According to Comicbook, the Black Lightning cast wants everyday-looking people when it starts filming early next week. Indeed, the exact descriptions taken from Project Casting reveal a wide range of roles is available.

Black Lightning Cast Descriptions for Extras

Extras in the Black Lightning cast include runners, teachers, security guards, firefighters, police detectives, coroners, and neighbors. Interestingly, the pilot also needs one Korean woman in her mid-fifties to play someone elderly and with wrinkles.

Yet what is perhaps more remarkable is the rate for playing an elderly Korean woman on the Black Lightning cast. Apparently, it is higher at US$ 125 for 8 hours of work as opposed to the standard extra’s rate of US$ 88 for the same number of hours.

Based on the descriptions, it would also appear the Black Lightning cast is after authenticity. For example, HS Track Runners should have actual experience. Apparently, runners will be part of an active scene. The same is true for those who want to play the role of a high school teacher or a track coach. Hence, possibly the need for them to be physically fit.

Among the emergency services personnel required, only firefighters are required to be actual firefighters. It would seem the rest such as officers, detectives, and coroners/EMT/CSI may or may not have real experience. Although having some knowledge could be an advantage.

Interested parties are encouraged to send an email to blacklightningextras@gmail.com along with their name, height, weight, age range, and clothing sizes. Please include shoe size as well. Production for the pilot starts March 21 up to April 1 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Agents of SHIELD Actress Gets Major Role in Black Lightning Cast

Christine Adams joins the Black Lightning cast as Lynn Stewart, the ex-wife of Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams). Hence, her jump from Marvel’s Agent of SHIELD as Agent Weaver to DC.

Adams’ TV credentials also include roles in Feed the Beast and Terra Nova. She has also appeared in films like The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and Tron: Legacy.

Deadline describes her character as one who is confident and intelligent. Despite her playful personality, Lynn is highly protective of her family. Hence, she is not one to mess with. Previously, Black Lightning announced the actresses who would play the roles of Jefferson’s daughters Anissa (Nafessa Williams) and Jennifer (China Anne McClain).

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Image source: DC Database/Lynn Stewart

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Extras Needed for Black Lightning Cast, How to Join

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