What to Expect When Law and Order SVU Season 18 Returns With Episode 7

Law and Order SVU season 18

Folks at NBC have been doing a good job of keeping viewers guessing on what to expect from Law and Order SVU season 18. The network has slowly lifted the veil of secrecy.

Accordingly, it has provided a couple of hints on the latest season.

In the show’s upcoming episode titled Decline and Fall, a rape case threatens to bring down a whole business empire. There are shades of “David vs Goliath” here: a bartender accuses a family member of a powerful conglomerate with rape, while family members close ranks to protect him.

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Show Still Lacks Details

While NBC already released information on this episode, the trajectory of Law and Order SVU season 18 is still uncertain. Moreover, it is unclear what specific themes the new season will explore, according to Cartermatt.com.

Will episode 7 depict how the wealthy and powerful insulate themselves against police interrogation when committing a crime? Or will the forthcoming episode mirror today’s headlines and base itself on real life personalities?

One cannot help make parallels between the upcoming episode and current events now hogging the headlines. It is up to the viewer to separate fact from fiction.

Meanwhile, Law and Order SVU season 18 was supposed to air a Donald “Trump-ian” episode last Nov. 16. However, NBC decided to move it to a later date. The change in schedule seemed ominous, as Mr. Trump won the elections on Nov. 8, according to Deadline.

The said episode had already undergone close vetting by top NBC executives. Sources disclosed that the network had no plans of putting the episode in the back-burner despite the win of President-elect Donald Trump.

The showbiz news portal was unsure, though, whether the episode would be aired this month as studio executives had planned. Some believed it would not be a very good idea for its release date to coincide with Mr. Trump’s inauguration into office.

The procedural drama series is expected to keep viewers at the edge of their seats despite the seemingly controversial theme of episode 7.  Law and Order SVU season 18 airs on Jan. 18.

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What to Expect When Law and Order SVU Season 18 Returns With Episode 7

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