What to Expect if Doctor Who Casts Whoopi Goldberg

Doctor Who
Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg is a big fan of Doctor Who. Moreover, she wants to be part of it. If the famous comedienne gets her wish, what can fans of the long-running sci-fi series expect to happen?

Doctor Who season 10 premieres in April. Indeed, fans eagerly await its return to the small screen to find out what adventures lie ahead for the Time Lord.

Interestingly, an American actress wants to play a part in the long-running British sci-fi series. Moreover, she is considered Hollywood royalty.

Whoopi Goldberg Wants a Role in Doctor Who Episodes

Oscar winner Whoopi Goldberg has had an impressive career. Indeed, she remains a force to reckon with in Tinsel town. Her credentials include a string of box-office hits. Lately, she has been active on television as part of The View.

Yet Whoopi Goldberg seems to have her sights on another television series located across the world in the UK, according to Digital Spy. It also appears she has been pining for a role on the series for a long time.

“I like the idea of doing things the way y’all do them, you do some really fun stuff like Black Mirror or, you know, I’m still dying to do Doctor Who. Ab Fab women, they are spectacularly funny women so you know I have all these dreams. Maybe Channel 4 or BBC 1, 2 and 3, who knows? Maybe somebody will say, ‘Hey stick around kid’,” Goldberg told The Sun.

Thoughts on Whoopi Joining Doctor Who Cast

Given her screen credits, it would seem anything is possible if Whoopi Goldberg has the chance to join the cast. It could turn into a musical episode since she is well known for her role in the Sister Act franchise.

Then again, British comedian Matt Lucas recently joined Doctor Who as a regular, according to USA Today. Thus, they could possibly complement one another and bring about a hilarious and enjoyable episode.

Incidentally, the recent Doctor Who Christmas special 2016 was set in New York. So, it might not be too much of a stretch to think about Whoopi Goldberg moving to the UK and hanging around for a recurring role in Doctor Who.

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Image source: Facebook/WhoopiGoldberg

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What to Expect if Doctor Who Casts Whoopi Goldberg

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