The Exorcist Season 2: Creator Jeremy Slater Reveals Plans For Next Installment

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The future of The Exorcist Season 2 is still uncertain since Fox has yet to make any announcement about its renewal.

The debut season of the horror/drama series had it finale last week and fans have been wondering if there will be another season next year. Are Father Tomas Ortega (Alfonso Herrera) and Father Marcus Keane (Ben Daniel) quest to fight evil will continue in The Exorcist Season 2?  Creator/Executive Producer Jeremy Slater offers some hints on what fans could expect.

Slater is not discounting the possibility and reveals his plans for Season 2. He says Marcus, Tomas, and Bennett could help a new family or will handle a new case of possession next season. Slater says the challenge for the show is to create a new family that the audience will care about just as much as the Rances in the first season.

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The showrunner also hints that the suffering of the Rance family is not yet over but they may not appear in Season 2. For now, one thing is for sure should Fox renew The Exorcist – Tomas and Marcus will be back.

The Exorcist Season 2 Features Tomas and Marcus

Slater reveals that the show would never be an anthology series like another Fox series –  American Horror Story. He explains to Deadline that there will be no brand new list of characters in every season. Slater adds that Father Tomas and Marcus will still be the heart of the show. He assures fans that as long as two are alive, they will help possessed family or individual.

“I think it would cheat our audience to bring in a new set of priests. The show would not exist if we didn’t have Ben and Alfonso — they embody those characters even more that I could have possibly dreamed, they brought so much from their own lives and their own personalities to make the characters come alive,” adds Slater.

The 10-episode of The Exorcist Season 1 wrapped up with a closure for the Rance family. Tomas helped Regan MacNeil/Angela Rance (Geena Davis) in killing the demon Pazuzu. This allows the Rance family to start peacefully with their lives. Father Marcus also thwarted the attempt to assassinate Pope Sebastian. At the end, Marcus and Tomas agreed to team up and continue the battle against evil.

The Exorcist Season 2 is expected to return in 2017.

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The Exorcist Season 2: Creator Jeremy Slater Reveals Plans For Next Installment

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