Every Character Could Survive The 100 Season 4 and Move On to the Fifth Season

The 100 Season 4
The 100 season 4

The 100 season 4 finally premieres after a long wait and fans will soon learn what’s next for The CW series. It remains a mystery if the first episode will give its characters hope or failure.

One main concern this season is the end of the world. If that happens, there would be less chance for a season 5.

In season 3’s final moments, Clarke (Eliza Taylor) learned that the world is ending. Unfortunately, it comes at the most inappropriate moment given the political and leadership issues plaguing the characters.

However, despite the morbid circumstances surrounding the upcoming season, executive producer Jason Rothenberg still talked about the possibility of a fifth season.

It turns out there are good chances for the show’s potential return. The EP stated via KSiteTV:

“There is more than a chance. I feel incredibly bullish on our Season 5 possibilities. The story that this season ends, teeing up into next season, are really exciting and I think everybody who has read it and seen it loves it. There are a lot of reasons why I feel high on Season 5.”

Rothenberg further explained that one of the main reasons why he is positive for season 5 is that they have a strong creative team. He also shared that everything has been financially good after they made more than 60 episodes. That is why it seems unlikely for them to stop now.

Meanwhile, promos for season 4’s first three episodes have already been released. The upcoming installment will definitely give viewers some intense and tough decisions. The audience will also have a chance to see the different factions in one location for the first time.

The 100 season 4: Clarke Makes the Toughest Decision

Aside from season 4’s impending fallout, the premiere episode will also make every character realize that making the hardest decisions are inevitable. In episode 1, Clarke will be reuniting with Kane (Henry Ian Cusick), Bellamy (Bob Morley), Indra (Adina Porter), and Octavia (Olivia Steele Falconer).

After destroying the City of Lights, they will be facing 1000 Azgeda warriors. The said warriors are still inside Polis, Entertainment Weekly reported. Running out of luck, Clarke has to decide whether to tell her mother about the nuclear reactor that may cause the world’s end in six months.

The 100 season 4 premieres on February 1. Stay tuned for more updates on the show.

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Image Source: Facebook/CWThe100

Video Source: YouTube/TVPromos

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Every Character Could Survive The 100 Season 4 and Move On to the Fifth Season

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