Showrunners, Cast Talks FOX’s APB — ‘[We’re] Not Trying To White-Wash Anything’


APB is an upcoming FOX drama series. It will premiere in less than a month now. Though the show gives positive vibes about technology and how our security can be extended, there are still people who criticizes the new program.

In the series’ press tour in the recent Television Critics Association, the show producers explained what the series is really all about and clarify the things that have been thrown on the upcoming show.

According to The Wrap, the executive producers of APB defended the show by saying that their goal is to “present a sort of optimistic vision of what policing can be.” One of the showrunners, Trey Callaway (The Messengers), added that the world in the series is just like the world where we are living.

This is clearly a city that — between gun violence, drug violence and gang violence, socio-economic disparity of all kinds — is in the midst of a crime-ridden crisis.”

On the other hand, EP Matt Nix (USA Network, The Good Guys) supported Callaway by saying they are giving positive views on the policing system “than is often portrayed in the news and on the other police drama.”

“[We’re] not trying to white-wash anything…There’s something we can do that’s not just dreary pessimistic all the time.”

APB: First Look

In the FOX released First Look: The Most Technologically Advanced Police Series Ever video, the cast preview the story of the series.

In his interview, Justin Kirk describes Gideon Reeves as a “tech billionaire who purchases a failing police precinct and tax it up.”

Meanwhile, EP Len Wiseman said that Reeves is not a type of guy who would use what the military already has. He is the type of guy who will push to strive things further.

Natalie Martinez (Theresa Murphy), on the other hand, said that Reeves sees what’s going on with the precinct where she’s working –overworked, underpaid, and not a lot of personnel to help out. He will come in to the picture and then changes everything, from the gadgets to high-tech equipment.

Official Trailer

In the released trailer for the show, we will see Gideon Reeves. As per the description of the fictional mayor, he is somewhat like a celebrity. Why? He is a billionaire and the head of Reeves industries.

Reeves stand before the panel and present his idea for a better policy. He also seeks justice for his best friend, Elliott James Sully, who sacrificed his life for him.

Further in the trailer, we will see how serious he is when he insist that he wanted to have and head Chicago’s 13th District. This is where bigger problems will occur as the whole city downloads the app.

APB premieres on Feb. 6 in  FOX channel.

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Image/Video Source: YouTube/FOX

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Showrunners, Cast Talks FOX’s APB — ‘[We’re] Not Trying To White-Wash Anything’

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