EP Says New 24 Legacy ‘Begins As if Written By Trump, Ends As if Written By Hillary’

24 Legacy
Corey Hawkins

Fox network’s prominent series 24 Legacy was known for its real-time format and an established past of how it interacts to the present time. But despite some issues in the series, their take on the story did not seem to change a bit.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the first episode of the original series in 2001 was postponed due to some concerns about its final scenario. It can be remembered that the show is known for recalling some undesirable circumstances such as torture, interrogation tactics, terrorism and more.

In the original series starring Kiefer Sutherland features an airplane explosion. As expected, it was said to have a huge proximity towards the Sept. 11 attack resulting in the series’ postponement for several weeks.

However, these reactions did not affect executive producer and co-showrunner Manny Coto much. He explains that they know where the series is headed to and will end up. He shares on his statement:

“I like to say the series begins as if it was written by Trump, but it ends as if it were written by Hillary. It is not going where you think it is going. A lot of people who might be thinking they know what we are doing? They really do not. It will be an interesting reaction. I am looking forward to seeing how the totality of the season plays out in people’s minds.”

24 Legacy Premiere Episode Gives Same Vibe as the Original Series

As pointed out by the earlier mentioned source, when the franchise premiered last Feb. 5, it still has lots in common from its predecessor. Even the fact that Sutherland is not around did not hugely affect the series.

Meanwhile, the story revolves around the life of Eric Carter. This lead role is portrayed by Corey Hawkins. Carter is an army ranger and he came to his home from war. Unfortunately, he had to fight for his life again when ghosts from his past mission haunted him.

Executive producers Coto and Evan Katz explained that the current story of the series is inspired by the true life operation. This said incident is the one that killed Hosama Benladin.

In addition, the terrorist name was changed to bin Khalid (for the show’s sake) torturing and killing an American soldier and his family. From there, the series once again flashes an evocative scenario.

During an interview with Collider, Hawkins explained his excitement in taking over the show. Aside from 24 Legacy, he was known for appearing in several successful projects such as Straight Outta Compton, The Walking Dead and Kong: Skull Island.

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Image Source: Facebook/24Legacy

Video Source: YouTube/24 Legacy

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EP Says New 24 Legacy ‘Begins As if Written By Trump, Ends As if Written By Hillary’

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