EP Clarifies Plot Controversy of E!’s The Arrangement TV Show

The Arrangement TV Show
E! Entertainment/The Arrangement

E! network is all set to show their avid followers another drama series, The Arrangement TV show. Though the plot is really promising, it is reportedly inspired by an A-list ex-couple’s love story. Reports point to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes as the said couple.

According to reports, the newest and upcoming TV drama of E! is not really “new” at all. There have been claims that this 10-part drama mirrors TomKat’s story. Accordingly, their names emerge because of the released storyline.

What is the show all about?

People are aware of Cruise’s and Holmes’ relationship and it happens to be almost the same as The Arrangement TV show’s synopsis. Based on The Hollywood Reporter, the plot revolves around a famous actor who is tied to an organization called The Higher Mind. He gets in a relationship with a struggling actress and they eventually enter a contract marriage.

With this story, one would have noticed the similarity between the situation of Cruise and Holmes and to the two lead stars in the drama show. Some pointed out that it actually tells the story of the ex-couple.

The site also noted how the plot is the similar to how Holmes met Cruise — she is a TV actress while he is one of the most popular actors of his time. “…the two [Tom and Katie] choose Italy as their first official getaway together after entering into their agreement..” the site added.

EP Jonathan Abraham  on the Issue

As per a TVLine report, show executive producer Jonathan Abraham clarified that the story does not take inspiration from TomKat or Scientology. Instead, he insisted that he has many inspirations.

He further clarified that The Higher Mind is NOT a religious group like Cruise’s organization. “I don’t mean that coyly,” Abraham said after debunking the whole “Scientology-The Higher Mind connection”.

“This is not a show about faith…Hollywood is such an aspirational town. These self-help organizations are about aspiring to a higher way of living, having more success professionally and in your relationships and having a more fulfilling life… To me, that’s not really about faith, it’s about hope.”

On the other hand, Christine Evangelista who plays Megan (TV actress) explained the marriage arrangement situation of her character to Josh Henderson’s Kyle. Evangelista said that her character wants to believe that this marriage and the connection between Megan and Kyle “could be something more.”

The Arrangement TV show premieres on March 5.  Michael Vartan, Lexa Doig, Autumn Reeser and Katharine Isabelle also star in the show.

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Image & Video Source: YouTube/E! Entertainment

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EP Clarifies Plot Controversy of E!’s The Arrangement TV Show

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