Emily’s Good Intentions Could Backfire in Powerless Season 1 Episode 5

Powerless season 1 episode 5

Emily only wants the best for her team in Powerless season 1 episode 5. However, Teddy is having second thoughts about her plans.

Powerless season 1 episode 5 titled Cold Season returns after a one-week break. At this time, Emily (Vanessa Hudgens) is helping Teddy (Danny Pudi) test his new invention.

Straightaway, she is convinced the heat-producing gloves are a game changer as it quickly melted the frost on a car door handle. Moreover, it managed to cook a bag of popcorn in her hand.

In the sneak peek from Spoiler TV, it would seem Teddy is slowly warming up to Emily’s idea about joining the Wayne Innovation Contest. However, his mood quickly changes when he finds un-popped kernels in the bag.

Teddy Panics Over Invention in Powerless Season 1 Episode 5

Emily does her best to reassure him and says it is common to have kernels left in the bag. However, Teddy goes into a state of panic and declares his invention is not yet ready for the Wayne Innovation Contest. Then, he storms out of the lab angrily.

“Oh my God, there’s still kernels left in the bag, …Okay, the gloves are not yet ready. There’s not an even distribution of heat and we haven’t even checked to see if you get a rash.”

Emily reminds Teddy of his own excitement about the heat-producing gloves’ success with the car door handle just two minutes earlier. However, Teddy is standing firm on his decision because of the kernels. Teddy tells Emily while shouting a few expletives on his way out

“They’re not. And I can’t submit a product that is not ready. It’s not fair to the gloves.”

The Wayne Innovation Contest sees elitist engineers of Wayne X competing against one another. Despite his immense talent, it appears Teddy remains doubtful about his chances at winning. Alas, it would seem the kernels left in the bag reinforced his thoughts.

More Powerless Season 1 Episode 5 Spoilers

Meanwhile, Van (Alan Tudyk) is also busy with another invention in Powerless season 1 episode 5. However, it appears he has other plans for it, according to IBT.

According to the synopsis, Van will exploit the kindhearted Ron (Ron Funches) and employ his skills to create a toy. The toy is not for Van to play with. Instead, it should keep his new girlfriend’s child busy.

Powerless season 1 episode 5 airs March 9, Thursday in NBC.

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Image source: Facebook/Powerless

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Emily’s Good Intentions Could Backfire in Powerless Season 1 Episode 5

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