Emily and Teddy Debate Perfect Time Frame for a Project in Powerless Episode 2

Powerless episode 2

Emily Locke and her best friend Teddy will have a debate in Powerless episode 2 this week. What could their issue be?

After the success of their first project, Emily (Vanessa Hudgens) is very enthusiastic for the next one and will try to push the team to its limits. However, other members won’t agree with her.

Since she got hired as the new Research & Development director at Wayne Security in Charm City, Emily became determined to keep the department afloat amidst having a less motivated head of the division, Van Wayne (Alan Tudyk). Under her leadership, the R&D developed a wrist-worn detector that alerts its wearer when a super villain is nearby.

Later, the invention found its way to Gotham City’s vigilante Batman who uses the device to locate his arch nemesis, the Joker. The Dark Knight then helps the police apprehend the villain.

The invention saved Wayne Security, but it also forced Van to stay in Charm City and abandon his plan to move to Gotham City. This pushed him to dislike Emily.

In this week’s episode, Van tells the team that the Wayne Industries bosses are giving them the green light to develop their next innovation – the “Rumbrella.” The project involves an umbrella that could shield the user from falling rubble.

Screener TV shared a sneak peak for episode 2 in which Van asks the team when they can finish the new device. “We will have it done by the end of the week. Corporate’s gonna be like, ‘What!? Who’s this squad of badasses? Let’s give them more projects!’” Emily tells Van in the sneak peek.

However, Teddy (Danny Pudi) doesn’t think they can deliver the project in the time frame Emily promised. For him, they should give a more reasonable schedule.

More in Store in Powerless Episode 2

For the upcoming episode, Emily will also discover that she has been dating one of The Riddler’s henchmen for a couple of weeks now. Meanwhile, Van is on a mission to be included in the Wayne Dream Team photo.

The DC Comics comedy series also stars Christina Kirk (Jackie) and Ron Funches (Ron). Atlin Mitchell has been cast in a recurring role as Crimson Fox, while Adam West will also appear from time to time as Bruce Wayne/Batman.

Do you agree with Emily or with Teddy? Start the conversation in the comments below. Powerless airs every Thursday at 8:30 p.m. in NBC.

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Image Source: Facebook/NBC Powerless

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Emily and Teddy Debate Perfect Time Frame for a Project in Powerless Episode 2

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