Emerald City: What You Need to Know Before the Premiere

Emerald City

Emerald City, based on a Wizard of Oz book which is a part of the 14 books that Frank L. Baum wrote, has finally reached the small screen. However, it is going to be something that was never seen before.

The land Dorothy ends up in is different in many ways than what fans saw in the 1939’s Wizard of Oz. This time it will be darker and Dorothy, played by Adria Ajorna, will be more courageous and brave.

The Making of NBC’s Emerald City

The 1939 film itself had the complexity of Baum’s books missing. The tale exuded much more complicacy and included social commentary and political allegory. It is here where Emerald City has picked up. The series is more of a grown-up take on the Wizard of Oz and will be much different than how people remember the iconic film.

The new show sticks to the original story while at the same time including updates to make it suitable for the present day.

In 2014 NBC planned to air 10 episodes of the series in 2015, the TV Guide reported. However, NBC scrapped the plans even before the series went into production because of a dispute with the leaders, Matthew Arnold and Josh Freidman.

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In 2015, NBC revived the plans, but this time with a team that includes executive producer Shaun Cassidy, showrunner David Schulner, and director Tarsem Singh.

The episodes were shot like 10-hour movie as per Singh’s instructions. He also mandated that the scripts for the 10 episodes be prepared in advance.

Singh also made sure that the show looks as much magical as possible without the use of CGI. This included shooting at locations that spanned around almost the half of Europe. This made Emerald City as elaborate and grand as possible.

Emerald City, A Different Take on the Much Known Tale

The series may look much different than The Wizard Of Oz of 1939. The modern take on the iconic movie is much darker and complex. Even Dorothy’s dog won’t be able to fit into a little wicker basket.

The season 1 episode 1, titled The Beast Forever, and episode 2 titled Prison of the Abject from the two-hour premiere, the TV Fanatic reported. It stars Arjona along with Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Ana Ularu, Gerran Howell, Vincent D’Onofrio, d Florence Kasumba among others.

The series will premiere on January 6 on NBC at 9/8c.

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Emerald City: What You Need to Know Before the Premiere

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