Dynasty Reboot Cast This Vampire Diaries Star to Play Lead Role

Dynasty reboot cast
Nathalie Kelley as Sybil

The CW’s Dynasty reboot cast its female lead. This The Vampire Diaries alum will play the role of an iconic character loved by many ’80s fans. Here is what we know so far.

Dynasty Reboot Cast The Vampire Diaries Star to Play Lead Role

The 31-year-old Peruvian-Australian actress, Nathalie Kelley, will be one of the central leads in the Dynasty reboot. She plays Sybil in The Vampire Diaries and one of the contestants named Grace in the Bachelor-esque television series, UnReal.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The CW will extend their contract with Kelley after her starring role in the Julie Plec series. The network decided to add a Latina character to Dynasty’s well-known WASPy family.

Kelley will portray the role of Cristal. The name is tweaked from the original character’s name Krystle played by Linda Evans.

Based on the ’80s soap opera, Cristal or Krystle Jennings is Blake Alexander Carrington’s former secretary. She is a Hispanic lady who will marry the famous Carrington head. As a result of their engagement, she and her soon-to-be stepdaughter, Fallon will be in a complicated relationship.

Dynasty Reboot Synopsis

The aforementioned source reported that the reboot will still follow the ’80s story arc. The revival will revolve around two of America’s wealthiest families, the Carringtons and the Colbys.

In addition, THR also noted that these two families will fight to gain control over their fortune and their children. The show will reveal the points of view of the two lead women. The reboot’s description reads:

“In an age where dynasties appear everywhere — from reality TV to the polling booths — this epic drama features the one percent in all its glitz and gloss, while exposing the dark underbelly: a corrupt world built on backroom deals, betrayal and, in some cases, murder.”

On the other hand, Digital Spy reported that Sallie Patrick will pen the series. The writer will also executive produce the show together with Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz as co-EPs and co-writers. Lis Rowinski will also be behind the project.

Meanwhile, original creators Richard and Esther Shapiro will also have their say on the series reboot. The Dynasty reboot hails from CBS Television Studios.

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Image Source: YouTube/thevampirediaries

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Dynasty Reboot Cast This Vampire Diaries Star to Play Lead Role

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