Dragon Ball Super Episode 74: These Characters Might Train Gohan

Dragon Ball Super Episode 74
Goku Black and Zamasu

Dragon Ball Super Episode 74 synopsis was initially revealed on one of Weekly Shonen Jump’s edition. While episode 73 was aired on Jan. 8, Gohan’s possible trainers in the upcoming episode have been recently on the news.

According to Blasting News, a forthcoming Dragon Ball Super martial arts tournament is set to happen on Feb. 5, 2017.  Of course, this created plenty of expectations from fans. The never ending speculations include what is in store for the significant characters and their coaches.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 74: Who Will Train Gohan?

Of course, Akira Toriyama’s penned anime series has surely taken this into account. After all, they must only choose between two characters as Gohan’s coach. This is for his mental and physical preparation. Is it Whis the mighty God of Destruction, or Piccolo the Old Kaioshin?

Meanwhile, viewers saw that Piccolo initially trained Gohan during tournaments in universe 6 and 7. He has been Gohan’s considered master for some time. Therefore, he can no doubt be chosen in Episode 74 if permitted.

On the other hand, Whis is another destined trainer for Gohan. DBS’ avid followers are no doubt in favor of this due to Whis’ superiority. This is in compare to any Z-warriors. However, one must also remember that there are other characters who can also be a huge help. This is for Goku’s son to become more powerful!

Episode 74 Synopsis

“The vile criminal Watagash commits evil on Earth! Gohan hears that Earth has been infiltrated by the mental parasite Watagash. The one who infects the darkness in his host’s heart. This gives them superhuman power. Meanwhile, Barry Karn hates Gohan and tries to catch him with a honeypot trap. But it failed. Watagash then appears and infects him. This week, Pan is kidnapped by the bad guy. She is in big trouble! Pan is abducted by Watagraph. The person who has also taken over Barry Karn! But despite Gohan and company’s worries, Pan herself is more than fine.”

This synopsis was reported by Comic Book. Furthermore, there are still few weeks until the tournament. Dragon Ball Super Episode 74 airs on Jan. 15.

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Image Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Toei Animations

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 74: These Characters Might Train Gohan

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