Dr. Brenner Could be Back in Stranger Things Season 2

Stranger Things Season 2
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Stranger Things season 2 already has a new doctor descending upon Hawkins, Indiana when it returns. Yet it would appear the previous doctor could be coming back.

The fate of Doctor Brenner at the end of season 1 left many to assume the worst. Hence, the idea he would not be back in Stranger Things season 2 was expected.

Consequently, Stranger Things season 2 cast Paul Reiser as Dr. Owens. His character takes over the lab and he is reportedly more compassionate than his predecessor. Yet, could Hawkins, Indiana have two doctors when the Netflix original series returns?

Matthew Modine Teases About Stranger Things Season 2

As Screen Rant reports, the teasers from the Duffer Brothers and actor Matthew Modine appear to tell a different story. Indeed, the Instagram post of the actor and its accompanying caption would strongly suggest his character might be back.

“More to be revealed, uncovered…” Modine wrote.

Interestingly, it would seem to coincide with the earlier confirmation of Matt Duffer who hinted on Doctor Brenner’s likely return. However, it is not clear in what capacity the doctor might be back.

Meanwhile, it is certain Barb will not be back. However, Stranger Things season 2 will reportedly acknowledge her character in some form.

Stranger Things season 2 news reveals the story picks up a year after what happened to Will Byers. Eleven remains missing up to this point. Sheriff Hopper continues to dispel rumors about the incident. At the same time, he hopes to find Eleven by leaving Eggos for her in the woods.

How Doctor Brenner Might Come Back in Stranger Things Season 2

Reports about the Stranger Things season 2 plot hint at its focus on the backstory of Eleven. Hence, it might explain Doctor Brenner’s return to the series. Chances are it will delve further into their relationship as it will reportedly feature the program responsible for her creation. It could very well show the extent of his experiments on Eleven.

Accordingly, Fansided considers flashbacks as the likely manner in which Doctor Brenner returns to Hawkins, Indiana. Then again, could he simply be in the Upside Down? Interestingly, the photo shared by Matthew Modine seems to be a big clue as to his character’s exact whereabouts to date. If so, would he also have a chance to come back from there like Will did?

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Image source: Twitter/Stranger Things

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Dr. Brenner Could be Back in Stranger Things Season 2

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