Donald Trump TV Cameos: A Surprisingly Long List With 1 Predicting His Presidency

Donald Trump TV
Donald Trump

President-elect Donald Trump has made a name not only in business but also in television, and has a long list of Donald Trump TV moments.

Aside from his very own The Apprentice, he also made several Donald Trump TV appearances not to mention the several shows that spoofed him. Before he takes his oath of office, let us flashback a little bit on his TV history, via Paste Magazine.

The Jeffersons (1985)

In season 11 of The Jeffersons, Florence (Marla Gibbs) is struck by gambling fever in Atlantic City, which features Trump along with other celebrities such as Phyllis Diller, Joe Frazier, and Charo.

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (1994)

In one episode, Trump showed up to buy the mansion of a wealthy black family. As the family reminiscences their moments in the home, Trump and Marla Maples show up. Ultimately, Trump leaves the family high of his offer.

The Nanny (1996)

In one of this comedy series’ episode, Fran’s (Fran Drescher) employer and love interest Mr. Sheffield (Charles Shaughnessy) becomes worried he’s going to lose her. Trump makes a cameo as Sheffield’s friend.

The Drew Carey Show (1997)

In the season 2 finale, Drew Carey (as himself) and his friends find themselves caught in a New York City traffic jam on their way to a Yankees game. Then Trump came and reminded the gang that he, beyond being a famous mogul/celebrity, is also a mortal human. Towards the end, Trump offered Drew and his friends his box seats at the NY Yankee game after calling them morons.

Suddenly Susan (1997)

This Donald Trump TV cameo saw that he could be in the White House one day. In its season 1 finale, Trump was literally referred to as United States’ “next President.” This episode also shows Trump playing poker with Jack (Judd Nelson) and John McEnroe (as himself), where they make jokes about getting divorced.

Spin City (1998)

In this Donald Trump TV cameo,  he also expressed his intention to seek a seat in public office. Trump was called in by Mayor Winston (Barry Bostwick) as he plans his autobiography. In one scene, Trump stood behind the mayor’s desk. Mike Flaherty (Michael J. Fox) also told the real estate mogul in a scene, “You should call your next book The Art of Not Helping.”

Donald Trump Inauguration Speech

Meanwhile, Tweeter users mocked the social media post of incoming US president showing him writing his own inauguration.

In the photo, Trump flashes a stern look as he holds a black pen and writes on a white legal pad. He captioned the image, “Writing my inaugural address at the Winter White House, Mar-a-Lago, three weeks ago. Looking forward to Friday. #Inauguration.”

Some Twitter users altered the image. One showed crayons on the desk, while another imagined the incoming president drawing some stick figures of himself and the “suckers” who voted for him. Another suggested Trump was writing a “thank you” letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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Image Source: Facebook/DonaldTrump

Video Source: YouTube/MrThibextra

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Donald Trump TV Cameos: A Surprisingly Long List With 1 Predicting His Presidency

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