Dolores’ Father Will Play Bigger Role in Westworld Season 2

Westworld season 2
Westworld season 2

Dolores’ father is definitely coming back in Westworld season 2.

HBO promoted Louis Herthum to series regular in the next season of the sci-fi western-themed series, Deadline noted. The actor appeared in six episodes in the debut season of Westworld. He portrayed Dolores’ (Evan Rachel Wood) robot father Peter Abernathy.

In season 1, Peter is a simple cattle rancher. He discovered a photograph left behind by one of the park tourists. The host begins to malfunction when he obsessively wonders about where the picture was taken.

Peter was killed by some bandits and his body was retrieved by the park staff. Back in the lab, Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) asks Peter about the photo and how he was “breached.” Ford later granted Peter’s wish to “meet his maker.”

Before he was decommissioned, Peter vowed to seek revenge and destruction on his creators. Peter was lobotomized and placed in a cold storage.

Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) attempted to use him to smuggle stolen data out of the park. Her plan was foiled by the host uprising. It is expected that the data stored in Peter’s head will be explained in the upcoming season.

Herthum has a long list of TV series credits. He played a major role in Murder, She Wrote. The 60-year-old veteran actor also appeared award-winning series such as Narcos, True Detective, and Breaking Bad. He also had some scenes in JAG, NCIS, Criminal Minds, True Blood, and Longmire.

Herthum’s film credits include The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, American Inquisition, Tekken, and The Last Exorcism. Herthum will soon appear on the big screen alongside Johnny Depp in the movie Labyrinth.

Westworld Season 2 Cast

Talulah Riley (Angela) was also recently promoted to series regular.

Other cast members from the previous season who were confirmed to return are Wood, Thandie Newton (Maeve), Ed Harris (Adult William/Man in Black), and Jeffrey Wright (Bernard). Luke Hemsworth (Ashley Stubbs) will also reprise his role in season 2 as Westworld security head and in-charge for the safety of guests.

It is still unclear if Ford will appear in the upcoming season. Co-creator Jonathan Nolan earlier refused to confirm if Hopkins is coming back or Ford is still alive. In the finale of season 1, Dolores shot Ford after he set loose an army of hosts. Hopkins had also teased that his fate in season 2 is still up in the air.

Westworld season 2 will premiere in 2018.

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Image Source: Facebook/Louis Herthum 

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Dolores’ Father Will Play Bigger Role in Westworld Season 2

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