Doctor Who Season 10 Trailer Teases Same Old Monsters

Doctor Who season 10 trailer
Doctor Who

The latest Doctor Who season 10 trailer is out. However, it appears there is nothing new about the Time Lord’s adversaries.

Fans of the long running sci-fi franchise are all too familiar with the likes of the Daleks and Mondasian Cybermen. Nonetheless, other aspects of the new Doctor Who season 10 trailer would offset it.

A closer look at the 1 minute 13 second trailer reveals what else fans can expect when the series premieres on April 15, 2017.

Doctor Who Season 10 Trailer Breakdown

A breakdown of the Doctor Who season 10 trailer proves to be quite promising. It has a lot of drama and adventure. At the same time, the new companion Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie) adds her own brand of humor to the series, Screen Rant noted.

Indeed, she likens the TARDIS to a kitchen rather than a spaceship. In addition, she looked thrilled to see the emoji robot monsters who could possibly be an updated version of another classic Time Lord adversary. Yet Bill eventually realizes the danger of being the Time Lord’s companion.

The first Doctor Who season 10 trailer officially introduced Bill to Whovians. Yet at the same time, it seemed to hint at her willingness to die for the Time Lord. Hence, it led to speculation of her short-lived stint with the series. Perhaps, the tearful close-up of Bill towards the end of the latest preview might prove it is.

Bill is not the only companion of the Doctor this season. Nardole (Matt Lucas) also comes along for the wild adventure through time and space. Interestingly, Nardole gets hold of a sonic screwdriver in the trailer. Apparently, it is similar to what the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) used before.

Hence, along with the return of the Mondasian Cybermen, it would seem the series is going retro this year. Nonethless, it would be interesting to see how having two companions will affect the TV show. Moreover, what Missy (Michelle Gomez) has planned for the Peter Capaldi’s Doctor.

Missy is Back in Doctor Who Season 10 Trailer

A familiar face who figured quite heavily in the Doctor Who season 10 trailer 2 is Missy (Michelle Gomez). Hence, it would suggest fans could possibly expect to see a lot of her when the series returns.

This time around, Missy sports a different hairstyle as well as new outfits. Radio Times hopes the reportedly huge number of guest stars and monsters would not overshadow her return.

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Image source: Facebook/Doctor Who

Video source: YouTube/Doctor Who

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Doctor Who Season 10 Trailer Teases Same Old Monsters

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