Doctor Who Season 10 Trailer Shows New Companion Cool with Death

Doctor Who season 10 trailer
Doctor Who

The Doctor Who season 10 trailer offers a chance for fans to meet the Time Lord’s new companion. Yet will it be their first and last time to see her in the series?

Of late, news about Doctor Who season 10 focused on the exit of Peter Capaldi. The twelfth reincarnation of the Time Lord put an end to constant rumors about his departure. Consequently, it raised speculation about who would take his place.

Amid talks of his successor, the Doctor Who season 10 trailer managed to catch the attention of fans. This time around, discussions center around Bill, the twelfth Time Lord’s new companion.

Doctor Who Season 10 Trailer Features Bill

The premiere of Doctor Who season 10 on April 15 marks the debut of Bill (Pearl Mackie) as the latest companion of the Time Lord. In a chat with The Guardian last October 2016 the actress talked about her character. Background information about Bill hint she is a student.

“I knew I could bring her to life. She’s funny and geeky and vulnerable. There’s a goofiness to her and a big heart. She gets things wrong, she has a temper. I thought, ‘I know her. I could play her.’ I think the two characters complement each other. I don’t have a lot of experience traveling through space and time, you see.”

Twitter posts featuring location shots from the Doctor Who season 10 set reveal part of Cardiff University was turned into a Bristol campus. She and the Doctor likely met while she is studying there.

However, her character’s declaration in the latest Doctor Who season 10 trailer BBC seems to suggest a gloomy end for her. Could the impending restart of the long-running sci-fi British series next year mean she is only in it for one season?

Is Bill Willing to Die for the Doctor?

io9 raised this question after its Doctor Who season 10 trailer analysis. Unlike her predecessors, Bill is not so familiar with everything the Time Lord does. However, she is aware of how dangerous it can be around him. Moreover, it appears Bill is mindful of the physical threat to her.

Yet Bill seems cool with the idea of death as she said she is having the time of her life. Will she be the next companion to die for the Time Lord?

It might be too soon to tell if Bill will follow Clara’s (Jenna Coleman) example. However, it is interesting to note that Pearl Mackie only has a one-year contract with the series.

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Image source: Facebook/Doctor Who

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Doctor Who Season 10 Trailer Shows New Companion Cool with Death

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