Diana Gabaldon Gives Outlander Season 3 Update, Debunks Colum and Dougal’s Rumored Return


According to a recent Outlander Season 3 update, author Diana Gabaldon revealed some production details of Season 3. Meanwhile, the author debunked the rumored return of Dougal and Colum in Outlander Season 3.

It should be noted that Gabaldon is not involved in the show’s filming directly. But the good news is that the producers of the show keep updating her about what is happening on the sets.

Diana Gabaldon Defends Production Team

Some fans feel that the TV series is not being completely true to the original source material despite being an adaptation. But according to the latest Outlander Season 3 update, the author pointed out that the series is actually an adaptation.

She feels that the team has been “doing well by the story.” Gabaldon also explained that the producers will find it easier this time to adapt the story. The storyline of Outlander Season 3 is based on Gabaldon’s book Voyager.

According to the author, Season 3 has a “much more straight-forward story” as compared to the previous book titled Dragonfly in Amber. Incidentally, the book was the source for Season 2.

Latest Outlander Season 3 update also mentions that the author is not a member of the show’s editing team. It is the editing team that handles the process of post production.

But Gabaldon has gone through the script of Season 3 and also followed the show religiously. Her inputs are in the form of remarks.

Cast and Crew  Cut Their Christmas Holidays Short

Many fans are worried of the fact that the shooting schedule is tremendously hectic and there is a possibility of the cast and crew getting too exhausted. They wonder how the production team gets time to look after their personal interests.

But the author assured that the team gets break in between two seasons and also during Christmas. This time around, the crew and cast cut short their vacation so that production could be faster.

Moreover, they may get fewer holidays between the seasons this time around as filming for Season 4 could begin immediately after shooting for the third season is complete.

Speculations were rife that there is a possibility of Dougal (Graham McTavish) and Colum (Gary Lewis) returning to the show this year. But the author denied the possibility, claiming that she has not seen them. Gabaldon also asked the fans not to believe everything they read in the online blogs and UK press.

The production team will be traveling to South Africa for finishing the rest of the Season 3 episodes. Though the author would love to join the team, she has not made any travel plans as on date, International. Business Times AU Edition reported.

In other news Daily Record reported that shooting for Outlander Season 3 is in progress in Scotland. Dunure, a small village in Scotland was transformed into an eighteenth century set for the show.

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Image Source: Facebook/Outlander

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Diana Gabaldon Gives Outlander Season 3 Update, Debunks Colum and Dougal’s Rumored Return

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