Designated Survivor Episode 10 Recap: Peter MacLeish Conspiracy Plans to Kill President Tom Kirkman

Designated Survivor Episode 10

Designated Survivor Episode 10 left the viewers hanging as America’s Vice Presidential bet Senator Peter MacLeish becomes a suspect. Will Agent Hannah Wells succeed in putting him behind the bars?

Designated Survivor Episode 10 Recap

Apparently, Agent Hannah Wells discovered in the previous episode that Sen. Peter MacLeish and CIA’s most wanted mercenary know each other and formerly worked together. Other events happened during the ninth episode is Congresswoman Kimble Hookstraten delaying MacLeish’s hearing. This is due to Wells’ request as she holds pieces of evidence against the Senator.

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Meanwhile, President Tom Kirkman also believed that a traitor is inside the US Government. The Pentagon’s threat assessment blueprint of Capitol bombing by the Department of Defense from years ago is theoretically been handed to a terrorist named Majid Nassar.

While on the way to handing over the pieces of evidence to Hookstraten, Agent Wells was caught in a car accident. Unfortunately, someone wanted her dead. She escaped but was not able to get the files to the female Congressman. This resulted in zero opposing parties in making him the Vice President.

President Kirkman on Finding out the Culprit behind the Capitol Bombing

Only a few people had access to earlier mentioned blueprint, File 1280C. One of them is former General Harris Cochrane. He was fired by Kirkman and is the only one who is alive that has access to the file. However, he denied the circumstances and will be detained until his testimony is confirmed.

In line with this, the President ordered his adviser, Emily Rhodes to pin down the people who might be aware that the files exist. Moreover, Agent Hannah Wells discovered that Charles Langdon, the former administration’s Chief of Staff is still alive. He is the one who has been giving clues to Wells using a woman’s voice over the phone.

In the end, Wells discovered the real plan of MacLeish and his conspirators. Once Peter MacLeish is over swearing as the new Vice President at the US Capitol building, they are going to kill Kirkman. Wells was able to shot the sniper.

However, Designated Survivor Episode 10 left viewers hanging on who the sniper managed to hit. The ABC series’ episode 11 returns on March 8, 2017.

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Designated Survivor Episode 10 Recap: Peter MacLeish Conspiracy Plans to Kill President Tom Kirkman

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