Denis O’Hare Teases Liz and American Horror Story Season 7

American Horror Story Season 7
American Horror Story Season 7

Actor Denis O’Hare teases that he is confident he will be back for the next season. Other than that, he also talked about American Horror Story Season 7.

According to the fan-favorite star, he is not only going to be back but will also have a significant part to play in the upcoming FX horror show installment.

Actor Denis O’Hare on American Horror Story Season 7

O’Hare is one of the original stars of the American Horror Story. Although he did not appear in season 2, he returned the next season and has been a series regular ever since. Although he’s in a limited capacity, the actor always had a strong and continuous presence in the show, throughout all the seasons he appeared in.

He joined American Horror Story cast in the recurring role of Jessie. William met Jessie, an Englishman, in the 12-step program. O’Hare has since appeared in a number of crazy roles on the show.

When the show resumes, viewers will see Jessie spending more time with William, who is suffering from terminal illness.

The actor recently spoke about the show in an interview, while he was in Chile for a one-man show called An Illiad.

When asked whether he would return to American Horror Story Season 7, O’Hare said that co-creator, Ryan Murphy is so enigmatic so he cannot tell. However, he believes he will continue to be a part of the show.

“I love working with him,” he told the New York Post. “The writers and I get along very well. But I never knew who Liz Taylor [the character he played on “American Horror Story: Hotel”] was going to be until a few episodes in.”

American Horror Story Season 7 Spoilers: Ryan Murphy Could Bring Back Freak Show Characters

American Horror Story Season 7 teasers released by FX led fans to draw a myriad of speculations. Murphy told Entertainment Weekly last year that the show will be led back to some Freak Show characters along with deeper histories as well as mythologies.

He added that the team is kind of exploring “Season 4 in Season7.”

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Image Source: Pixabay/Fotomek

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Denis O’Hare Teases Liz and American Horror Story Season 7

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