Demi Moore Gets Recurring Role in Empire Season 4

Empire season 4
Demi Moore

Empire season 4 received the green light early on for another 18 episodes for the 2017-2018 TV season. When it returns, viewers will welcome the addition of Demi Moore to its cast in a recurring role.

E! News confirmed the entry of Demi Moore to the Empire season 4 cast. Although prior to its premiere, the actress will make her debut appearance on the current season’s finale episode.

Moore’s last recurring role in a television series was back in the eighties on General Hospital. However, she has appeared in a number of shows like Pretty Little Liars, Workaholics, and 90210. She also guested on an episode of Will & Grace in 2003.

Demi Moore to Play a Nurse in Empire Season 4

The actress will reportedly play the role of a nurse who is described to have a take-charge attitude. She also has a shadowy past.

Yet most intriguing about the character is her treacherous predicament with the Lyons. Hence, it would seem to be another reason to watch out for the Empire season 4 premiere.

Incidentally, her daughter Rumer Willis also joins the series as a guest star for the remaining episodes of season 3. She will appear on the March 22 episode when the series returns after its hiatus. To date, season 3 welcomed four other celebrity guest stars namely, Eva Longoria, Taye Diggs, Nia Long, and Phylicia Rashad.

Willis is cast as celebrated singer-songwriter Tory Ash. Apparently, her character is important to Jamal’s (Jussie Smollett) newest musical project. However, it is unknown to date, if the mother and daughter will have a scene together.

Empire Season 3 Back Half Spoilers

The focus of Empire season back half remains the family. As executive producer Sanaa Hamri revealed it would show if the Lyon family can manage to stay together in the midst of the power struggle.

“It’s going to be Andre and his rise, and what damage he’s going to do to Empire. It’s going to be about Cookie and her relationship to Lucious — how deep is their love, and will it last or will it be gone forever? We see a lot more flashbacks in which we get even more of a sense of the bond between Lucious and Cookie, and what happened in the past, so we’re going to learn so much more,” Hamri previously told Variety. He added:

“And then also with Jamal, will he be able to be an artist who’s sober? Hakeem (Bryshere Gray) has a kid, and he’s trying to build this whole Takeem situation with Tiana (Serayah) … And then you’ve got Nessa in the mix who’s trying to overtake and outshine Tiana because they’re all on the same label … But I feel like the whole Andre of it all is going to be really, really intense.”

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Image source: Facebook/Demi Moore

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Demi Moore Gets Recurring Role in Empire Season 4

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