This Deceased Character from The Walking Dead May Return As Another Could Be in Danger

The Walking Dead season 7
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The Walking Dead season 7 is already set to return with new twists and surprises. Recent reports say that a deceased character may return to the series while another fan-favorite faces danger. Here’s what we know so far.

Who WIll Die in The Walking Dead Season 7

According to reports, another member of Rick Grimes’ (Andrew Lincoln) squad might bid her goodbye. Rumor has it that the character would be Sasha WIlliams (Sonequa Martin-Green). With the actress’ upcoming lead role gig for Star Trek television series and with the reported appearance of a dead character, this angle might actually happen.

Cinema Blend reports that this speculation has been lurking on the internet for quite some time now. This rumor comes after the actress landed the lead female character for CBS’ TV adaptation of Star Trek. 

In addition, the site also noted that while some rumors have been debunked immediately, this #SashaDead topic is still very much present and fresh until now. Meanwhile, since Sasha’s fate seems to be the most “rumored” spoiler nowadays, Scott Gimple and the actress herself joined in teasing TWD fans.

In Gimple’s interview with Entertainment Weekly, he said that Martin-Green’s character “can do anything.” The showrunner noted that Sasha was seen fighting “a horde of walkers” while enduring a stomach ache.

“She can fulfill the duties of a Lieutenant Commander on a Constitution-class starship whilst battling walkers, Saviors, and whatever gets in Sasha’s way.  We’ve had to juggle before. I will certainly juggle for Star Trek any day of the week. Okay, maybe not on Sunday.”

On the other hand, Martin-Green also laid out her thoughts. Though she refused to comment on the rumors, she had one message to say.

“I can say that the story is as impactful and powerful and dynamic as it always has been, and there’s nothing to worry about where that’s concerned.”

Who is Set to Return from the Dead

Beth Greene (Emily Kinney)… made her appearance in Tyreese hallucination. Could this scene happen again with Negan’s victim, Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz)? This is one of the most anticipated “reported” spoilers of season 7. Though nothing has been confirmed yet, here are the possible ways this dead character could return.

  1. Like the above mentioned scenario, Beth came back from the dead. This is when Tyreese was having his hallucinations while being bitten by the walkers. With Sasha’s rumored death, he might actually appear in her hallucination.
  2. Dream. Abraham had a close relationship with the group. With the upcoming uprising in the world of zombies between Negan and Rick, he may suddenly pop into someone’s mind to remind him or her to be strong and fight until his or her last breath.

With these clues from The Walking Dead season 7 team, will they really give their fans another heartbreak and touching “comeback” scene? Share your theories with us in the comments.

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Image Source: WikiCommons/ Casey Florig

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This Deceased Character from The Walking Dead May Return As Another Could Be in Danger

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