Death Note Netflix Teaser Shows First Glimpse of Ryuk and Light

Death Note Netflix
Death Note Netflix teaser screengrab

Fans who have been waiting long for the arrival of a Death Note Netflix teaser finally got their wish today. A short clip teased the US version of the globally recognized anime series.

The teaser is only a minute long but it gives an overview of how this adaptation may differ from the Japanese original series. It opens the same way as how the series does–with Light (Nat Wolff) finding the Death Note.

To the average eye it is simply a black notebook. However, the story later on reveals that the Death Note gives its owner the power to kill other people. The trailer reveals the first rule of the notebook which Variety quotes as:

“The human whose name is written in the notebook shall die.”

Other bits revealed in the trailer include action scenes and a potential romance for Light. Fans of the original Japanese series will recall that Yagami Light did not care much for romance. He only engaged in a relationship with another girl (Misa Amane) because she is also an owner of another Death Note.

The girl showed in the trailer does not look like another Death Note owner. Hence, this could be one of the differences the Netflix version makes to set itself apart from the original.

Death Note Netflix: Things to Know if You Haven’t Heard About It Before

Before it even became a Japanese anime series, Death Note was a manga series from Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. It ran for 108 chapters before it got the anime treatment.

The series focuses on high school student Yagami Light who finds the Death Note. Even though at first he dismisses the notebook as stupid, Light changes his mind when he proves to himself that the rules of the notebook are true.

It is later revealed that a shinigami (death god) named Ryuk owns the notebook. He dropped the notebook on purpose because of his boredom. Tied to the Death Note, Ryuk accompanies Light.

One of the notable rules of the notebook requires its owner to picture the face of the person whose name he/she shall write. This is a safeguard to avoid killing non-intended targets who share the same name.

Drunk with the power the notebook offers, Light starts a quest to rid the world of criminals and becomes the vigilante dubbed as Kira. In the beginning the plan goes smoothly. However, an adversary shows up by the name of L who vows to stop Kira’s murders.

The Verge offers that people who want to catch up with or re-visit the original anime series can do so in both Netflix and Hulu. At 37 episodes, the source notes that the series is binge-friendly.

The Death Note Netflix live-action movie premieres on Aug. 25.

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Image and Video Source: YouTube/Netflix US & Canada

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Death Note Netflix Teaser Shows First Glimpse of Ryuk and Light

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