Death Note Movie on Netflix Teaser Almost Here, 2018 Release Date Eyed

Death Note movie on Netflix
Ryuk the Shinigami

The Death Note movie on Netflix may have long been in development with little to no details available, however recent reports suggest that may change soon. Fans might not need to wait longer for the film’s teaser.

A report from details that director Adam Wingard recently posted a clue on Twitter. One of his posts show a photo with jumbled letters. Although at first glance it does not make sense, the letters actually form the statement “Death Note teaser soon, stop asking.”

Most of the fans who replied to the tweet got the message immediately and expressed their excitement. However, others also aired their frustration on why Wingard would go to such great lengths if the statement will be obvious anyway.

Twitter user Matt Prazak (@prazzers_) asked, “If it’s so obvious why didn’t he just type it out in Arial font size 12?” Meanwhile, Steel Book Blu Ray joked, “You get Trump to write your press releases? Isn’t he busy enough already? His writing’s improving though, I’ll give him that.”

Nevertheless, majority of the replies on the tweet were positive. The word ‘soon’ is a vague way to describe when the teaser actually drops. However, the clue still offers hope that a first look on the Death Note US version could surface anytime in the next few months–or even weeks.

Production Status for the Death Note Movie on Netflix

Inverse reported last February 10 that the Death Note movie is on its final stages of editing. The source quoted Wingard in saying, “Coming up is Death Note, which I’m just now finishing the editing on.” The statement came in time as the director explained how he has been swamped by overlapping projects including Blair Witch, The Guest and the TV pilot for Outcast.

With the film going through the post-production stage, it won’t be long before it is available for release. Inverse noted that Death Note could drop in 2018. The source offers the following description for the film:

“Death Note will star Nat Wolff as Light Turner, a young man who gains control of a supernatural notebook that kills anyone whose name is written inside with intent. He goes power hungry and begins to kill anyone who he deems ‘unworthy’ of life. Enter: Ryuk, the demonic original owner of the Death Note, with a sick sense of humor… Ryuk is so amused by Light’s ‘I’m a god’ fever dream that he ends up following the young man around.”

The Death Note movie on Netflix stars Nat Wolff as Light while Willem DaFoe voices Ryuk. Stay tuned for more news when an actual release date drops for the film.

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Image Source: Flickr/Abrar Ahsan via Creative Commons

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Death Note Movie on Netflix Teaser Almost Here, 2018 Release Date Eyed

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