Dear White People Trailer Released, Important Things You Need to Know About the Netflix Series Detailed

Dear White People Trailer
Dear White People Trailer

Netflix has introduced a new TV series as it dropped the Dear White People trailer this week. What should viewers look forward to?

The Dear White People TV series is based on the 2014 indie film, which starred Tessa Thompson. It follows a group of diverse students who navigate life at a predominantly white Ivy League university. Powers actress Logan Browning will be playing the lead character in the series, Samantha White.

The teaser showed Sam addressing the dos and don’ts of Halloween costumes on her radio show. At the end, Sam’s final “don’t” for white people is to stop wearing blackface costumes.

“Dear white people. Here’s a list of acceptable Halloween costumes: pirate, slutty nurse, any of our first 43 presidents. Top of the list of unacceptable costumes: me,” Sam says in the sneak preview.

Netflix, however, has been facing an online backlash after it released the Dear White People trailer on Twitter and YouTube on Wednesday. So far, the teaser has been viewed more than 280,000 times on YouTube.

Apparently, more than 69,000 people gave the Dear White People trailer a “thumbs down” while just 3,400 viewers have a positive reaction. Most of the comments the clip drew described it as racist. Others even threatened to cancel their Netflix subscription in protest of the show.

Director Justin Simien, who directed the movie, has committed to write and direct the first season of the TV series. Simien explained during the recent panel event in New York that the first season of the show will follow different characters in each episode.

USA Today quoted the director saying, “You can’t really see the whole until you see the points of view that bring each character together. I really wanted to take advantage of the Netflix streaming format, and create something that is specific to this platform.”

The Story Behind Dear White People

Simien’s idea for the Dear White People movie began in 2006 when he was in college. At the time, he worked on a script about a black student whose university experience is like his own.

In his interview with The Daily Beast back in 2014, Simien revealed that while working as a publicity assistant, he started a Twitter account called @DearWhitePeople, in which he gained followers. The account currently has more than 26,000 followers.

When he released a concept trailer for the movie, he captivated an audience that helped him raise funds for the film on crowdfunding website Indiegogo. Simien eventually won an Independent Spirit Award at the Sundance Film Festival for his script. He also took home several other festival awards.

Do you think the series trailer is racist? Share your opinion in the comments. Dear White People season 1 will start streaming in Netflix on April 28.

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Image Source: YouTube/Netflix US & Canada 

Video Source: YouTube/Netflix US & Canada

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Dear White People Trailer Released, Important Things You Need to Know About the Netflix Series Detailed

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