How Dangerous is the New Gotham Season 3 Character

Gotham Season 3
Gotham Season 3

The second half of Gotham Season 3 kept fans waiting eagerly since December. However, the wait is almost over, as the show returns with the rest of the episodes on Monday.

In the latest reports regarding the show’s casting, it has emerged that Raymond J. Barry has joined the league. Barry will, reportedly, play the role of a mysterious temple shaman who wants to tap the potential of the young Bruce Wayne’s mind. 

Gotham Season 3: Raymond J. Barry Recurs as Temple Shaman

Barry, in his recurring role, is a wise and skilled man, but his true motives have been kept under a heavy veil. The shaman steps into Bruce’s life to help him discover the real potentialities of his own mind in season 3.

It appears that Bruce is starting to take his goal of turning into Batman more seriously. However, he may not have a smooth start, the Den of Geek reported. While according to the shaman, Bruce’s transformation into Batman will determine the fate of Gotham, his underlying intentions could be absolutely sinister.

Although Barry’s character has the potentiality to grab the attention of the viewers, his advent into Bruce’s life may not have positive outcomes. He could literally have someone taking advantage of his ideal of purpose and vengeance, the Cartermatt reported.

The season takes Bruce a step closer to becoming Batman. However, there is still a long way to go before he finally transforms into the man that Gotham needs him to be.

Spoilers: The Buzz Around the Return of Jerome Valeska

Fans of Gotham are waiting for the future Joker, aka, Jerome Valeska, to return. According to the Season 3 spoilers, Jerome’s resurrection would bring him back to being worse than before.

Towards the end of 2016, actor Cameron Monaghan shared and deleted images of his character on the social media. One such image that remained on the actor’s Instagram showed Leslie Thompkins uncovering Jerome, whose face appeared to have been taken out.

When a fan asked Monaghan on Twitter to share something about the resurrected Jerome, the actor replied he will be much worse than before.

“Monstrous, disgusting, cruel. The human embodiment of bad news,” he tweeted.

Gotham Season 3 will be returning on January 16 with the episode titled Ghosts.

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Image Source: Instagram/ Gotham on Fox

Video Source: YouTube/ Series & Films Promos

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How Dangerous is the New Gotham Season 3 Character

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