Criminal Minds Season 13 Renewal Threatened by #NoHotchNoWatch

Criminal Minds season 13
Criminal Minds

The hashtag #NoHotchNoWatch trended when the series decided to remove Thomas Gibson last year. However, it appears to be a continuous threat to the Criminal Minds season 13 renewal.

Of late, the ratings for Criminal Minds are not the same as before. In fact, the procedural crime drama series hit its all-time low last February 8 with only 6.7 million viewers.

Indeed, it is very different from its normal figure of 13 million per episode in the last 11 seasons. Yet can this change still be about the No Hotch No Watch campaign from awhile back?

Chances of Criminal Minds Season 13 Renewal

Ratings remain the best indicator if a show will remain on air or not, according to TV Series Finale. If so, then the survival of Criminal Minds for another season could be under threat because of it.

Alas, its numbers are on a downtrend ever since its season 12 debut last September. Only 8.92 million viewers watched the premiere episode, which is over 1 million less than the previous season’s debut.

Yet the biggest blow to the series would be the drop in viewers from the 18-49 age group. According to Movie Pilot, this key demographic is critical to advertisers, who happen to bring money into a show.

One of the reasons for the possible decline in its ratings could be the earlier exit of Shemar Moore. It is also likely the new characters brought into the series are not as effective as hoped for. Then again, the subject of Thomas Gibson continues to hang over the series.

No Hotch No Watch Remains a Threat

Thomas Gibson (Aaron Hotchner) left Criminal Minds after only two episodes into the current season. The actor had
been with the show since it premiered in September 2005. Sadly, his departure in August 2016 came about after a dispute with a writer on the show.

Admittedly, it was not the first time Gibson had problems on set. He attended anger management classes before in relation to previous incidents.

Nonetheless, the latest proved to be his undoing as the producers decided to terminate him. Consequently, their decision gave birth to the hashtag #NoHotchNoWatch.

Apparently, the hashtag maintains a strong following as many users continue to mention it on social media months later. In fact, some claim the show is losing the ratings battle because it no longer has Thomas Gibson.

In response, Paget Brewster (Emily Prentiss) made an appeal to viewers in general. The actress revealed the stars of the series are also hurt by what is happening. Hence, they need everyone’s help to keep the show going–possibly to ensure a Criminal Minds season 13 renewal.

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Image source: Facebook/Criminal Minds

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Criminal Minds Season 13 Renewal Threatened by #NoHotchNoWatch

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