Criminal Minds Season 12 Spoilers: Shocking Storyline Ahead; Show Could Get Renewed for Another Season

Criminal Minds
Criminal Minds

Spoilers for Criminal Minds Season 12 teases even more shocking storylines ahead. Meanwhile, the possibility of the show getting renewed for Season 13 is quite high despite its fall in viewership ratings.

Actress A.J. Cook who portrays the character of JJ in the series has teased that there may be a big surprise waiting for fans in Criminal Minds Season 12. Spoilers tease that this surprising twist may not involve the newly added actors but the lives of some of the most fan-favorite characters of the show.

There is also a possibility that these events will not be linked to what the team does at BAU but in the personal lives of some of the team members. Viewers have already witnessed the return of Tommy Yates, a misogynistic killer, to mock Rossi.

They have also seen Tara’s brother getting abducted, Cinema Blend noted. So, what other ghastly incidents are in store for the agents in Criminal Minds?

Reid’s Storyline Could Get Prominence

Meanwhile, fans are also aware how much Reid has gone through. The character has had a tough time with his mother Diana, who is ailing from Alzheimer and Schizophrenia for many years now.

There could be a storyline focusing on Reid soon and so the character could be back within some weeks. Will there be a tough time for Diana and Reid now?

In other news, CarterMatt reported that the series is in rough water for some time now. There have been lot of discussions related to the exit of Thomas Gibson and other changes in its cast.

Moreover, the ratings of Criminal Minds Season 12 have dropped and are now about 17% in adults, in the age group of 18 to 49 since Season 11.But despite the negativity, viewers have something to definitely feel optimistic about.

The show may get a renewal for Season 13 as it is still one of the most liked shows around the globe. So, there is no need for its viewers to feel gloomy unless its producers would just want to end the series or the channel has a change of heart.

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Image Source: Facebook/Criminal Minds

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Criminal Minds Season 12 Spoilers: Shocking Storyline Ahead; Show Could Get Renewed for Another Season

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