Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 15 Recap: Spencer Finds New Friend in Prison

Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 15
Criminal Minds

Dr. Spencer Reid is adapting to his new world quite well. The doctor found a new friend while in prison in the recent Criminal Minds season 12 episode 15.

Spencer (Matthew Gray Gubler) is still in prison after he was accused of murdering a doctor in Mexico a few episodes back. In jail, Reid is saved by inmate Calvin Shaw (Harold Perrineau), a former FBI who was arrested for killing his criminal informant.

He crossed paths with Spencer when the latter almost got into a fight when one of the prisoners took his stuff. Fortunately, Calvin intervened.

Calvin opened up to Reid why he killed his CI. He told the profiler that he couldn’t risk letting his CI expose their undercover agents and be tortured and killed. Hence, he made a decision to kill her.

He also gave Spencer some advice about surviving in prison. The first rule is to accept that no one is safe. When Reid pointed out that it seems like Calvin is referring to the incident on how he saved him from the inmates, Calvin explained to him that it is all about respect.

Although he found an ally in Criminal Minds season 12 episode 15, Spencer continues to piss off a guard. Reid was supposed to be listed for protective custody. However, prison guard Wilkins had him sent to general population.

Reid talked to him to correct the mistake. But Wilkins tells him he is placed where he belongs and wonders if he recognizes any of the inmates in there with him. What is Wilkins’ problem with Spencer? The next episodes may shed light on this.

Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 15 Case

While the genius FBI profiler is dealing with life behind bars, the rest of the BAU team investigate an UnSub who attacks happy people in Philadelphia.

The BAU is called in after a man and woman have acid thrown in their faces in two separate attacks. The same incident happened a week before, in which one of the victims died, BuddyTV wrote.

As Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) looks into the victims’ social media accounts, she discovered that the first two victims attended singles’ nights. When she digs deeper, she came across the No Means Yes website in which users can mock the people on their looks, the sex they’re having, etc.

One member named George posted some nasty comments on the site so people would think he is a player. But everything changed when he met Melinda. He talked about her on the site and also posted photos of them together.

However, not everyone is happy for George. Alan, a supply clerk at a chemical company, sees himself as superior to George. He couldn’t understand why George had someone and he hasn’t.

Alan feels rejected his entire life. His mother gave up custody after a divorce and his father and stepmother sent him to a boarding school.

Alan also wrote a 118-page manifesto where he declared that he is the UnSub. He also wrote his plan to launch a major attack. BAU uncovered the manifesto.

The team finally figures out which singles night he is planning to attack. At a bar, Stephen (Damon Gupton) sits next to Alan. When he eventually revealed he knows who Alan is, the UnSub reaches into his pocket for the acid sprayer. Stephen stops and disarms him.

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Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 15 Recap: Spencer Finds New Friend in Prison

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