Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 14 Reid Stays in Prison, Struggles to Prove Innocence

Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 14
Criminal Minds

It is not getting better for Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds season 12 episode 14. The episode will see the situation worsen for the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) agent.

Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) will remain in prison in Mexico as he struggles to prove that he is innocent of the murder he is accused of. To make things worse, even his lawyer do not believe that he has nothing to do with the crime.

In the previous episode, Spencer went to Mexico to get experimental drugs that he thinks will help in the cure of his schizophrenic mother, Diana (Jane Lynch). However, everything turned horrible. The genius profiler is accused of murdering Dr. Rosa Medina (Ani Sava) and also for carrying cocaine and heroin.

Spencer found himself in jail while his team at the FBI asked help to get him out of prison. However, Reid does not seem to remember what happened to him.

With help from Simmons (Daniel Henney) and Clara (Alana de la Garza) of the FBI International Response Team, they found out that Dr. Medina is actually an American citizen. Reid got extradited back to the U.S. for his arraignment. However, since he never disclosed the trip and was not in Mexico on government business, he is not eligible for the FBI legal counsel.

In a sneak peek for Criminal Minds season 12 episode 14, Spencer is seen defending himself to his lawyer, Fiona Duncan (Jeananne Goossen). He insists that he did not commit the murder. However, Reid can’t also clearly state what really happened.

Duncan then accuses the agent of lying about the murder. There is only one thing Reid is sure of – another person was with him and Dr. Medina when the alleged crime happened. Unfortunately, he also recalls holding a knife in the scene.

More About Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds Season 12

Spencer’s ordeal might end not end in episode 14. Executive producer Erica Messer teased that the character’s problem will get bigger each week and viewers will have to watch for more amazing stories throughout the rest of the season. She told TV Guide:

“It pretty much takes us into Episodes 21 and 22, which will kind of act as a two-part finale. This dilemma of Reid’s will get heightened every week until we get to the end of the season.”

Will this mean Reid will be in prison until the finale? The scenario is not far from possible since Messer said that Goossen will appear in several episodes as she tries to get Reid out of jail.

The showrunner added the true criminal will also be featured in the upcoming episodes. She, however, did not confirm whether Spencer did the crime or someone else.

Criminal Minds season 12 episode 14 airs on Wednesday, February 22 in CBS. Check back with GoshTV for the latest on the series.

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Image Source: Facebook/ Criminal Minds

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Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 14 Reid Stays in Prison, Struggles to Prove Innocence

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