Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Watch Online: Video ‘Too Dirty’ for TV Now Available

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend watch online
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend did not show a musical scene where several of its characters sing the Period Sex song. However, there’s no need for fans to fear as the video is now available online.

In the previous episode, the cast is about to sing the song when another character abruptly stops them. Apparently, the song’s content was too much for TV’s standards. However, it did not stop show creator and star Rachel Bloom from posting the video online.

Bloom shared the full version of Period Sex on Twitter and YouTube to the delight of the musical/comedy show fans. The actress captioned the video “too dirty to air on TV.”

Previous Episode Recap

Meanwhile, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is heading to its season finale this week. Rebecca and Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III) are getting married.

In the previous episode, Rebecca rushed around to put a DIY wedding together. She did not let Josh to help with the planning.

Valencia (Gabrielle Ruiz) came to the rescue after Heather (Vella Lovel) complained about Rebecca turning their house into a DIY fiasco. Paula (Donna Lynne Champlin) also helped even though she is busy with her law school finals. Naomi (Tovah Feldshuh) sent Rebecca a beautiful dress from a New York wedding dress shop.

Elsewhere, Rebecca’s dad (John Allen Nelson) showed up, courtesy of Nathaniel (Scott Michael Foster). Rebecca’s boss sent a private plane to bring Rebecca’s father to the wedding.

Josh, on the other hand, took a hard look at his life. Is Josh having cold feet?

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 Finale

In the sneak peek for episode 13, it looks like the wedding will encounter a setback. The video reveals Rebecca and her entourage in shock of something.

Meanwhile, Rachel Bloom revealed that her character will sing What a Rush to be a Bride alongside Paula in the final episode. The actress said this is where Rebecca will channel her inner heavy-metal goddess.

“The decision to go with a death-metal feel was to contrast with the content of the song, which are all lyrics about super feminine bride-y stuff like veils and lace. We wanted to lean into the emotion Rebecca’s feeling in the moment, which is a violently triumphant, ‘I FINALLY NABBED HIM!’ Those two contrasts felt right for a comedy song like this,” Bloom told The LA Times.

Are you excited for this season’s final episode? Catch the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend season 2 finale on Friday, February 3 at 9 p.m. in The CW.

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Image Source: Facebook/Crazyxgf

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Watch Online: Video ‘Too Dirty’ for TV Now Available

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