Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Star Explains Her Need to Write a Flash-Supergirl Crossover Song

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Rachel Bloom

Rachel Bloom of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend revealed her thoughts about the piece she wrote for the The Flash-Supergirl crossover. She lends a hand for the crossover musical.

According to Comic Book, the 29-year-old actress penned a song for the forthcoming The Flash episode titled Superfriends.  She was able to work alongside Tom Root, the writer best known for his work on Robot Chicken. The two collaborated in developing the song.

Meanwhile, it is safe to say that Bloom is the best person for this project. Aside from being an actress, she is also a writer, singer and producer. She recently explained her need to write for the musical because she believes that music is the best form to tell stories and develop characters in a show.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Actress on Flash-Supergirl Musical Crossover

Bloom immediately contacted Mark Pedowitz when she heard that both superhero series will be doing a musical crossover. Pedowitz was the one who helped her connect with people behind the show. From there, the actress offered her services.

“As soon as they picked one of my song ideas, I hopped on the phone with my old Robot Chicken boss Tom Root and we brainstormed. Based on that brainstorm, I wrote up the song Superfriends. I am so excited to contribute more to the upward trend that is musicals in television and film.”

The actress expresses her gratitude and excitement in writing a comedy song for The Flash and Supergirl. Viewers must surely watch out for the performances of Melissa Benoist and Grant Gustin.

As per ComingSoon.netThe CW network confirmed that Justin Paul and Benj Pasek also penned a song for the episode titled Running Home to You. Gustin will perform the said song.

Glee Cast Reunion!

While this musical crossover continues to make buzz, another Glee star will join the cast. Darren Criss, who starred alongside both superheroes, steps in as the villain named Music Meister. The said character initially appeared on the animated series Batman: The Brave and the Bold voiced by Neil Patrick Harris.

Other actors confirmed to join the musical fun are Carlos Valdes, Jeremy Jordan, Jesse L. Martin, John Barrowman and Victor Garber. Moreover, the musical crossover begins on March 20 in the Supergirl episode.

In continuation, the song Superfriends helmed by the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend actress will air on March 21 in The Flash episode titled Duet.

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Image Source: Facebook/RachelDoesStuff

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Star Explains Her Need to Write a Flash-Supergirl Crossover Song

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