This Contestant from Hell’s Kitchen Season 16 Gears Up for Meet and Greet!

Hell’s Kitchen Season 16
Hell's Kitchen Season 16

Kimberly Ann Ryan from Hell’s Kitchen Season 16 will appear in a meet and greet event. So, get ready to see this contestant as she gears up in the final six.

According to Fox 17, Miss Ryan is a graduate of Baker College Culinary Institute of Michigan (CIM). In line with this, the episode on Thursday night will see her in Muskegon. Her time schedule for meet and greet is from 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and the venue will be at CIM, 336 W. Clay Avenue in Muskegon.

Hell’s Kitchen Season 16 Contestant: Where She Came From

As per the earlier mentioned outlet, Ann Ryan will be available for photos, autographs, and selfies. When the said event is done, she will be heading to Hennessey’s Irish Pub and Restaurant, 885 Jefferson Street in Muskegon. A Hell’s Kitchen viewing party called Black Jacket Lounge will reportedly be conducted at the said venue.

The report added that she might be one of the five finalists to receive a black chef’s jacket each contestant yearns for. It is still a mystery who among the six contestants will achieve the success.

Meanwhile, her former school adds that Ryan is a native of Traverse City. Before attending CIM, she first graduated in Michigan State University. Additionally, she was also able to work as an event chef in Traverse City Area after graduating at CIM in 2012.

M Live reported that she worked in several restaurants such as Alliance in Warehouse District of Traverse City, Black Star Farms and The Cook’s House.

Ryan’s Specialty

She was known for her signature dish called seared scallops with Mango Jalapeno Salsa and spicy toasted rice crispies. Despite being nominated in the latest episode, she was saved. Instead, it was Devin Simpson who was eliminated by Chef Gordon Ramsay.

Moreover, Ryan was only one of the two contestants from Michigan in Season 16. Unfortunately, the other finalist named Aaron Smock was eliminated during the fifth episode.

Apparently, it turns out that the recently eliminated Simpson seems to have a crush on Ryan. He stated in episode 3:

“Honestly, she is a homerun. She is a good looking chick. She has got an hourglass figure. That beauty is coming out and it is going onto her plate.”

Furthermore, watch out for more updates when Hell’s Kitchen Season 16 returns on January 12, 2017. The grand winner will take the head chef position in Yardbird Southern Table & Bar at The Venetian Las Vegas. Reports confirmed, the value of this award is worth $250,000.

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Image Source: Facebook/Hell’s Kitchen

Video Source: YouTube/FOX

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This Contestant from Hell’s Kitchen Season 16 Gears Up for Meet and Greet!

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