The Complete List of 2017 Top 10 New TV Shows is Here

2017 new tv shows

Those who would love being a couch potato might be excited to know more about the upcoming show this year. Lo and behold, here is the complete list of 2017 Top 10 new TV shows.

While the public might cling into the current shows, the new television series might worth checking out for. The list are random and not ranked, though.

2017 Top 10 New TV Shows
  1. Legion (FX)- there has been a previous report that Legion is about to premiere on FX. Aside from its exciting plot, the network released four new teasers that depict the traits of three characters. Fargo creator Noah Hawley also spearheaded this X-Men based series. The story is about David Heller, who has been in and out of mental institution due to schizophrenia. He began having strange encounters after meeting a new face.
  2. Taboo (FX)- Stephen Knight created this interesting new series. The story revolves around Tom Hardy and his quest to avenge his father. But his ways might intrigue you because the plot revealed that he would return to Britain from Africa with stolen diamonds in is hands.
  3. One Day at a Time (Netflix)– the main inspiration for the new series is the original one created in the 70’s. The story is about a single military mom of a Cuban-American family. The series will show her and how she manages to handle her children while working.
  4. Star (Fox)- the musical series may be out now but the majority of the episodes will be available this year. The new television show might or might not be successful, according to Forbes, but it still depends on the ratings.
  5. A Series of Unfortunate Events (Netflix)– Neil Patrick Harris, who also starred in the victorious How I Met Your Mother will be one of the lead characters in the news Netflix show. He revealed in an interview that the story would be “dark and super faithful to the books.”
  6. 24: Legacy (FOX)– like Fear the Walking Dead, the new show is a spinoff of the acclaimed series 24. This will also be a great opportunity to new star Corey Hawkins to show that he deserves the main character.
  7. The Young Pope (HBO)– another promising series with an interesting title. This is about the very first American Pope and his quest as the highest leader of Vatican. This might also be the first time that the network will feature a show that tackles religion.
  8. Big Little Lies (HBO)– the new series got a powerhouse cast: Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Alexander Skarsgard, James Tupper, Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern, Adam Scott, Zoe Kravitz and Kathryn Newton. Apart from that, the plot also seems dark so it is quite exciting.
  9. Crashing (HBO)– three in a row for HBO! The new comedy series stars Pete Holmes and Judd Apatow. The story is a young comedian who got cheated on with an Italian boxer.
  10. Iron Fist (Netflix)– This could be another Marvel series with a new twist. Even though Netflix has been experiencing low ratings in other shows, the public would like to check this new show.

On the other hand, Paste reported that the public can still catch up with these newly released shows as well. For the meantime, the 2017 top 10 new TV shows might be worth watching for.

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The Complete List of 2017 Top 10 New TV Shows is Here

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