Colony Season 2 Spoilers Dropped By Sarah Wayne Callies

Colony season 2 spoilers
Twitter/Colony USA

Sarah Wayne Callies talks about her character Katie in the next installment and offers a number of interesting Colony season 2 spoilers.

Colony season 2 returns to USA Network on January 12 at 10 p.m. Based on the synopsis posted by Geeks of Doom, it appears Los Angeles is still under the control of mysterious intruders.

Yet the sneak peek at the upcoming Colony season 2 premiere episode shows a happy family setting. The situation is in stark contrast to the ending of the first season. Check out the Colony season 2 sneak peek here.

Sarah Wayne Callies Teases Colony Season 2 Spoilers

Actress Sarah Wayne Callies is no stranger to TV audiences. She has appeared in The Walking Dead and she returns to Prison Break soon. Hence, she is no stranger to shows with epic cliffhangers, Rotten Tomatoes writes.

This time around, she returns as Katie Holloway in the Colony season 2. The actress also has an explanation for the homey family setting presented in the sneak peek for those wondering what it was.

“We start with a flashback, and we get a sense of what The Yonk was before and who Katie was before, and Will and Broussard and all of these people who we’ve only ever seen in crisis. You get a chance to get a glimpse of them before.”

“It’s also really smart because it means that if somebody hasn’t seen the first season, they don’t need to. It would be great, I’m proud of it, but the first episode will fill you in on everything you need,” Callies revealed.

How is Katie in Colony season 2

Admittedly, her character went through a lot in the first season because of the invasion. No doubt, audiences are curious to find out how Katie fares in Colony season 2 spoilers.

According to Callies, Katie has no time to deal with PTSD. Although she reveals she has time for self-hatred and some second-guessing.

Basically, she deals with the consequences of her actions from the first season. Moreover, Katie revisits her assumptions about the Raps as she learns more about them in the second season.

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Image source: Twitter/Colony USA

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Colony Season 2 Spoilers Dropped By Sarah Wayne Callies

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