Code Black Season 2 Finale Reveals Deadly Outbreak, Series Renewal Still Unsure

Code Black season 2 finale
Code Black

The second part of Code Black season 2 finale airs on February 8. However, the network has yet to green light season 3 for the medical drama series.

The Code Black season 2 renewal appears to be uncertain as per TVLine’s 2017 scorecard. As of October 2016, its rating suggested a worrisome future for the medical drama series.

Then again, Yahoo News recalls a similar scenario last year. As it turns out, the network did renew the series for Code Black season 2 albeit much later than other shows on its roster.

Chances of Code Black Season 2 Renewal

The chances for its renewal seem high considering what will happen in the second part of the finale. Apparently, Jesse (Luis Guzman) will welcome a new batch of residents to Angels Memorial. Hence, the addition of cast members.

Previously, guest stars went up in status as series regulars. Moreover, season 2 welcomed new characters. For instance, Rob Lowe debuted as his character Col. Ethan Willis. So, from the looks of it, season 3 could happen.

Marcia Gay Harden on Code Black Season 2 Finale

Early on, Marcia Gay Harden hinted at the difficulties of her character, Dr. Leanne would face in the 2-part Code Black season 2 finale. However, her statements seem to cast doubts on her role in the series’ future. Hence, would the TV series kill off one its lead characters?

“The last two episodes are amazing. It’s a two-parter where we’re combatting a viral disease, and we have to go out into the city to figure out where it’s coming from, and Leanne is compromised, in many, many ways,” Harden said.

Code Black Season 2 Finale Part 2 Spoilers

The Devil’s Workshop featured the ER at Angels Memorial under quarantine because of the deadly outbreak. Apparently, anyone infected can die within a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, Dr. Leanne Rorish (Marcia Gay Harden) was one of those who fell ill. Consequently, the remaining medical team will work together with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to find a cure.

A sneak peek at the finale part 2 titled Fallen Angels shows Col. Ethan Willis (Rob Lowe) and Dr. Gretchen Kerr (Caitlin Fitzgerald) hunt for answers. The two enter a convenience store in search of clues. Indeed, they found what they were looking for, i.e., bodily fluids for testing and two dead bodies. However, it is likely they did not count on finding a survivor. Hence, the chilling surprise at the end of the trailer.

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Image source: Facebook/Code Black on CBS

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Code Black Season 2 Finale Reveals Deadly Outbreak, Series Renewal Still Unsure

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