Code Black Season 2 Finale Hints at Major Danger for Doctors and the Whole ER

Code Black Season 2 Finale
Marcia Gay Harden as Dr. Leanne Rorish

The Code Black season 2 finale teases serious danger for Marcia Gay Harden’s Dr. Leanne Rorish and it seems doctors can’t do anything about it. Viewers will remember that a viral outbreak put the lives of Angels Memorial Hospital patients and doctors in serious peril.

The two-part finale titled The Devil’s Workshop features the ER at the hospital under quarantine due to the outbreak. CBS recently revealed the episode’s promo and it turns out that the virus can kill a person in a matter of seconds. Due to this, Dr. Ethan Willis (Rob Lowe) continues to look for an immediate solution.

Dr. Rorish’s life will be in danger because she will be infected. According to Yahoo, she opted to hug a blonde woman who walked towards her despite the fact that Dr. Will Campbell (Boris Kodjoe) already warned her not to. Aside from her, other doctors will also feel the impact of the circumstances.

In addition, the CBS series will be filled with lots of intense and emotional scenarios. Harden shared her thoughts in an interview.

“The last two episodes are amazing. It is a two-parter where we are combating a viral disease and we have to go out into the city to figure out where it is coming from, and Leanne is compromised, in many, many ways.”

Code Black Season 2 Finale

Viewers must look forward to a number of things in the upcoming episode. TV Guide revealed the official synopsis for episode 15.

“The ER is quarantined when a viral outbreak jeopardizes the lives of the doctors and patients at Angels Memorial. Meanwhile, Ariel, the young girl Leanne bonded with a year ago when she lost her father, returns to the hospital.”

On the other hand, it is still a mystery if the show will return for Code Black season 3. Earlier reports revealed that there is uncertainty surrounding its potential renewal. The show’s current fate is different from their debut season which CBS immediately renewed after wrapping up.

One possible reason for the audience’s lukewarm response is the change in casting. It is worth mentioning that Raza Jaffrey and Bonnie Somerville were removed from the show’s cast. The said step was made to reach a broader audience.

Watch the Code Black season 2 finale’s first part on February 1. Catch a glimpse of the upcoming episode in the promo below.

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Image Source: Facebook/CodeBlackCBS

Video Source: YouTube/TVPromos

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Code Black Season 2 Finale Hints at Major Danger for Doctors and the Whole ER

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