There’s a Potential Clue That May Have Revealed the Twin Peaks Premiere Date

Twin Peaks

Fans of Twin Peaks could have reason to rejoice as teasers suggest the series is coming back in April.

An official announcement of the Twin Peaks premiere date this 2017 has yet to come out. However, several teasers have appeared online in the past few days to suggest the date is coming soon.

Indeed, anticipation is rife for the return of Twin Peaks to the small screen. It has been three decades since the dark series aired on ABC from 1990 to 1991. It released a prequel film in 1992 titled Fire Walk with Me.

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Twin Peaks Could Take Over Homeland’s Successful Timeslot

According to Gamespot, the revival of the serial drama returns on April 30, which is a Sunday. The basis for this is a promotional calendar reportedly sent out by the network. Hence, it is likely the series would take over the timeslot of Homeland due to end in the same month. Perhaps to sustain the network’s success at this timeslot.

Then again, the publication points an official announcement from Showtime scheduled to take place on January 9 during its press tour. While Comic Book might remain skeptical about the date, it does consider it a plausible assumption. Indeed, it would coincide with plans to unveil the next chapters of Twin Peaks during the first half of this new year.

Meanwhile, a recent Twitter post from Sherilyn Fenn is also stirring interest. On January 2, the image from actress’ post was a scene from the finale of season 2. Her caption seems to coincide with the rumored premiere date even though she did not mention anything specific. The actress is one of the original cast members joining the revival. However, fans can expect several new faces as well.

“It’s happening again…..this year….sooner than you think…” Sherilyn Fenn wrote. Aside from the actress, co-creator David Lynch also took part in a promotional video for the upcoming Showtime series. He was in character as Gordon Cole and eating a donut. No dialogue except the words The Return at the end.

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There’s a Potential Clue That May Have Revealed the Twin Peaks Premiere Date

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